At the restaurant, Prachi heads to the washroom and Ranbeer spots her. On learning that she has been crying from Sahana, Ranbeer goes behind her and asks what she is hiding from him? Prachi refuses to reveal anything and Ranbeer asks her the real reason for returning in his life again. Prachi once again tears up and Ranbeer gives her a hug to console her.

Prachi soon remembers Ranbeer’s deceit and runs away from him. Ranbeer follows her to the house, where Pallavi is planning to introduce Rhea as her daughter-in-law during the party with her rotary club’s members.

When Pallavi, Rhea and Prachi get into an argument, Ranbeer intervenes and tells them to put a stop to it! Just then, Aaliya arrives and tells Ranbeer to oust Prachi from the house if he wishes to live in peace again!

Aaliya compares Prachi’s actions with that of Pragya’s and expresses her extreme dislike for her!

Prachi tells Aaliya that she is Ranbeer’s wife and only she has the rights on him. She refuses to give further explanations to Aaliya and leaves, while a furious Daljeet (Dadi) tells Ranbeer to take a stand for his and Prachi’s relationship.

Later, Daljeet lauds Prachi for putting up a strong front before Rhea. Prachi thanks Daljeet for always supporting her.

Aaliya argues with Pallavi for the treatment meted out to Rhea by the family members. Pallavi worries about Prachi creating a scene during the rotary club’s gathering at the house and Aaliya decides to keep an eye on Prachi during the party. When Rhea tells Aaliya about Prachi’s challenge, Aaliya shares a plan with Rhea for ousting Prachi from the house within three days!

Daljeet (Dadi) confronts Ranbeer, who affirms that he wants to be with Prachi but only if she takes the first step towards him for reconciliation.

Further, Ranbeer gets a call from Sahana, who rebukes him for marrying Rhea! Ranbeer calms her down and invites her to the Kohli house the next day.

Later, Ranbeer makes a sandwich for a hungry Prachi and says that she still cares for him. His words anger Prachi, and she vows to prove him wrong during the party!

The next day, a confident Rhea tells Prachi that she will throw her out of the Kohli House by the next day! Prachi cuts Rhea off and states that she can make all the plans she wants but will never succeed!

In Prachi’s absence, Ranbeer sneaks into his room to take a bath.

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