Prachi soon arrives and tells him to return to the guest bathroom! In between their argument, the bathroom’s door gets locked and Ranbeer and Prachi try to open it.

Soon after, Rhea arrives in Prachi’s room and enquires about Ranbeer’s whereabouts? Before Prachi could reveal that Ranbeer is in the bathroom with her, Ranbeer stops her, and Rhea soon leaves.

Pallavi learns about the situation and gets a carpenter to open the door. Not willing to stay stuck with Ranbeer, Prachi exerts herself trying to open the door and feels sick. Upon feeling nauseous, she pukes and Ranbeer gets concerned for her health. Pallavi and Rhea get the door opened and are left shocked on seeing Ranbeer close to Prachi.

Taking the opportunity, Prachi fans the flames of Rhea’s jealousy. Prachi tells Rhea that she will always remain unsuccessful in ousting her from Ranbeer’s life and walks away.

Later, Prachi worries about Ranbeer learning about her pregnancy, while Pallavi and Rhea chide Ranbeer and tell him to stay away from Prachi! Furthermore, Pallavi tells Ranbeer to leave Prachi for good, while Rhea threatens him.

Feeling trapped in the middle of Prachi and Rhea, Ranbeer asks Prachi that is she intent on playing with his feelings to get revenge? He also tells Prachi that he senses her pain and will wait for the day when she shares her true feelings with him.

Later, Prachi sees a frazzled Rhea in the kitchen trying to manage the chores and reminds her of the past where she used to be in her place. She also confronts Rhea about her past actions and promises to demean her before the guests. Despite her fight with Rhea, Prachi feels concerned for her and alerts Pallavi so she could help Rhea make the arrangements for the party.

Pallavi gets furious with Rhea’s lack of responsibility, while Rhea gets angry at Prachi for meddling in her matters!

Later, Rhea and Aaliya meet a lawyer, who suggests them a way to separate Ranbeer and Prachi through the guilt admittance papers.

Prachi is getting ready in her room for the party. Rhea comes there. Prachi asks Rhea if she solved the caterer’s problem? Rhea says that she has begun to doubt her connection with Ranbir as Prachi had a relationship with Siddharth. Prachi asks her to be careful of her words. Rhea reminds Prachi of the challenge. Rhea asks Prachi not to come to the party and taunts her.

Prachi learns that Pallavi threw the party for Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding reception. Rhea claims that she is Ranbir’s life and pride, whereas Prachi is his mistake and guilt!

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