Prachi says she will come to watch Rhea’s tears when her dreams fail! Prachi is well aware that the party has been planned to humiliate her!

Vikram and Pallavi attend to the guests.

Aaliya praises Rhea for her hard work. Rhea wants Prachi to sign the divorce papers.

Dadi inquires from Vikram about Aaliya? Vikram tells that Pallavi has forgiven Aaliya, but she didn’t forgive Prachi.

Pallavi introduces Renu and Rahul to the guests.

Prachi is stressed and experiences stomach ache. Ranbir finds Prachi disturbed. He picks her earring to help her. He urges her not to be upset with herself. He says that they can have a happy life. When Ranbir goes to comfort Prachi, the pain vanished. She asks the baby whether he likes his father’s touch? She does not want the baby to be dependent on Ranbir.

Pallavi introduces Ranbir and Rhea as a Couple. She informs them that it is Ranbir and Rhea’s wedding reception.

Ranbir excuses and goes to Prachi. She questions him about why he left the reception party? He inquires as to whether she was aware of it, as he was unaware? She wonders if he’d cancel the celebration if he knew? He states that he will not cancel it. She claims that it would have been better if it had been cancelled. Ranbir thinks Prachi always hurts him.

Pallavi questions Prachi’s presence at the party. Pallavi and Prachi argue. Pallavi becomes enraged at Prachi. Prachi taunts Pallavi. Prachi tells Pallavi that she won’t tolerate any wrongdoings! Dadi is overjoyed to see the new version of Prachi.

One of the guests is suffocated by the Paneer starters. Rhea and Aaliya get concerned. Pallavi is asked to manage the situation. Vikram calls the Doctor.

Prachi impresses everyone at the party with her wit. Rhea becomes enraged when she sees Prachi receiving accolades. Pallavi thanks Prachi.

Shahana goes to Ranbir. Shahana asks Ranbir what happened between him and Prachi? Ranbir asks her to decide who is right and who is wrong after listening to him completely. He tells her about Prachi and Siddharth in the hotel room. Shahana loses her cool after learning that he had doubted Prachi. She claims that if he had spoken to Prachi and heard her side of the story, they would still be together.

Sahana goes to Prachi and hugs her. She questions Prachi about why she didn’t inform her about anything? Prachi’s eyes well up with tears.

Dadi asks Pallavi not to announce Ranbir and Rhea’s reception at the party, else Prachi will not tolerate it. Pallavi says she wants Prachi to leave the party and go away! Dadi hopes that Ranbir will support Prachi.

Shahana consoles Prachi. Rhea tells that it was Prachi’s plan to impress the guests! Shahana says that Prachi always becomes everyone’s favourite. Rhea insults Shahana. Prachi defends Shahana. Rhea goes to Aaliya.

Ranbir says to Shahana that Prachi was upset and didn’t talk to him. Prachi tells that he never tried to talk to her and asks him why he didn’t stop her?

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