Aaliya tells the guests a few things about Rhea. Pallavi says it was her desire to get Rhea and Ranbir married to each other. Vikram claims that Pallavi was more joyful during Rhea and Ranbir’s wedding than during her own.

Prachi asks Ranbir if he has changed his mind? Ranbir wants her to admit her mistake.

Rhea takes Ranbir with her. Pallavi demonstrates the blindfold game to the guests.

Pallavi announces that the blindfolded husbands will have to recognise their wives in the game and fulfil the task written in the chit.

Aaliya, Pallavi and Rhea rig the game and assume that Ranbeer will only recognise Rhea amongst the crowd. Rhea also gives a hint to Ranbeer to make it easy for him to identify her, while Prachi looks on.

The game begins with Vikram, who manages to identify Pallavi and sings for her.

As the game moves on, Sahana makes Prachi stand amongst the other wives.

Soon, Pallavi blindfolds Ranbeer during his turn and Rhea panics when he moves closer to Prachi. However, Ranbeer moves further down the line, and Rhea gets confident that he will hold her hand, but Ranbeer proves her wrong and goes back to Prachi. Caressing Prachi’s cheek, he announces that she is his wife and removes the blindfold.

Foiling Aaliya and Pallavi’s plan, Daljeet (Dadi) volunteers to remove the chit, in which it is written that the Couple will have to dance together. Much to Rhea’s jealousy, Ranbeer kneels in front of Prachi and takes her to the dance floor. While the Couple is busy grooving to the romantic song, Rhea walks away in fury, followed by Aaliya and their departure makes Sahana suspicious and she follows them.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbeer deliberately chose Prachi and that they need to legally separate the Couple soon!

Later, Ranbeer asks Prachi why she didn’t give him her phone number before leaving the house in the past?

On coming out of the room, Aaliya and Rhea spot Sahana, who makes an excuse to explain her presence. Sahana suspects that Rhea is plotting against Prachi and resolves to not let her succeed!

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