Prachi tells Ranbeer that if he had truly wanted to contact her after their separation, then he could have visited her at Sushma’s house since he knew that she was staying there. She accuses him of pretending to be innocent, leaving Ranbeer shocked. Furthermore, Prachi acts indifferent when Ranbeer asks if she gets affected by people calling Rhea his wife and walks away.

Later, Aaliya accuses Prachi of coming in between Rhea and Ranbeer and questions her intentions. Prachi gives a fitting reply to Aaliya and Pallavi and calls out their deception at the party. Prachi adds that despite knowing that Pallavi was an accessory to Rhea’s crimes, she had stayed quiet before the Police because of the relationship between them.

Prachi’s words influence Pallavi, and she criticises Aaliya when Aaliya reveals that Rhea will drug Prachi to get her signatures on the divorce papers! Aaliya gets shocked when Pallavi speaks in support of Prachi and tells her to not let Rhea execute her plan.

Aaliya successfully manipulates Pallavi against Prachi once again and she agrees to support Rhea.

Meanwhile, Rhea confronts Ranbeer, who calls Prachi his wife and her a mistake and he’s about to be trapped in a triangle with her and Prachi! Rhea reminds Ranbeer that it doesn’t matter if he’s not in love with her as they are already married. She manipulates him against Prachi and succeeds in planting a doubt in his mind.

When Ranbeer walks away, Rhea turns around and finds Sahana there. When Rhea tries to misbehave with Sahana, Prachi gives a fitting reply to her. Rhea flaunts her Wedding Necklace before Prachi and tries to make her jealous. Enraged, Prachi reminds Rhea that she will oust her from the house within two days! Not to back down, Rhea states that before her, Prachi will be forced to leave the house!

Later, Aaliya and Rhea spike a glass of drink and convince a Waiter to hand it to Prachi.

Meanwhile, Sahana tries to convince Prachi that Ranbeer still loves her, but Prachi tries to change the topic.

This tactic of Prachi angers Ranbeer and he confronts Prachi for hurting him with her words. Prachi reminds Ranbeer about the pain she went through when he gave her rights to Rhea. Ranbeer explains that he was compelled to marry Rhea due to her threats against his family. However, Prachi refuses to hear him out and tries to walk away, but Pallavi stops them.

Later, she escorts Ranbeer and Prachi back to the party, where the waiter approaches Prachi with the spiked drink. However, due to Ranbeer’s words, Prachi refuses to consume the drink, much to Rhea and Aaliya’s disappointment.

Doubtful of Aaliya, Rhea and Pallavi’s actions, Sahana confronts them.

Jay takes the glass of spiked juice from the waiter. While conversing with Jay, Ranbeer takes the juice from him and drinks it in one go upon feeling very thirsty.

Meanwhile, Rhea craftily sends another glass of spiked juice for Prachi, which she eventually consumes. When Prachi goes to leave the party, Pallavi stops her and soon, the effect of the drug takes over her.

Chancing upon the opportunity, Rhea asks Prachi to sign the guardianship papers for Abhi and Pragya’s continued care. Concerned for her parents, Prachi doesn’t realise that the papers are for her and Ranbeer’s divorce and signs without reading them. Later, she walks away from the party on feeling dizzy.

The spiked drink affects Ranbeer as well, while Pallavi, Rhea and Aaliya rejoice at the success of their plan and Rhea keeps the papers in the locker.

The drug lowers Ranbeer’s and Prachi’s inhibitions and the duo shares a funny conversation with each other. When Prachi falls into Ranbeer’s arms, she gets emotional and reveals that she has hidden an important truth from him. Prachi further adds that she loves him a lot and hiding the truth is hurting her. Ranbeer admits his love for Prachi as well and urges her to tell him the truth behind her return.

Soon, Aaliya, Rhea and Pallavi notice Prachi and Ranbeer’s absence and worry about the duo being together.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer tells Prachi to write down the truth when she hesitates to tell it to him in person.

Ranbir asks Prachi to write him a letter in which she tells him the truth. She asks him to go till she finishes the letter. He reminds her of the times when they lived in their old house.

Ranbir is eager to find out what Prachi will write. She writes that;

He is about to become a father and that she loves him.

He hugs her as though he understands her feelings. He tells her that he is feeling so happy because of her hug that if he reads it, she will leave him, so he will not read the letter. She wants him to read it as this will bring them closer.

Ranbir reads the letter and tells her that he is the happiest guy in the world right now since she has brought him immense joy.

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