Ranbir states that the letter is the most valuable to him and that he will keep it very carefully. He keeps the note in his coat. He expresses gratitude to Prachi and warmly embraces her.

Ranbir wants to hear the baby’s heartbeat and feel it. He claims that the baby told him to always love and never abandon Prachi. She claims that the infant is unaware of his father, Ranbir’s marriage to Rhea. She expresses her opposition to his marriage to Rhea.

Rhea, who is looking for Ranbir and Prachi, is stopped by Shahana. Rhea offends Shahana. Prachi will soon oust Rhea, according to Sahana. Rhea responds that Prachi will be thrown out of the house! Rhea wants to give the news of Ranbir and Prachi’s divorce.

Prachi reminds Ranbir of his vow to her and asks him why he married Rhea? He claims that he was trapped and that the marriage was invalid, as he had not divorced Prachi. He asks her if she will marry him again? She declares that she will marry him a hundred times. He informs her that they are getting married right away. They prepare for the marriage. Ranbir gives a hand to Prachi and tells we should go. It’s the nuptial rounds time. She said where is the fire? Ranbir consumes the papers however at that point understands that fire won’t keep going sufficiently long. He goes to get more papers.

Rhea comes to Ranbeer’s room and gets shocked seeing Prachi and Ranbeer marrying each other and shouts at them to stop! Prachi says the Villain of their love story is here and Ranbeer says no one can stop them tonight!

Pallavi and Aaliya reach there and gets shocked seeing them getting married and Aaliya asks Rhea to calm down.

Dadi and Shahana comes there and Rhea shouts to Ranbeer that he married her and can’t marry Prachi now! Dadi asks her if she knows the meaning of marriage because she is a homewrecker!

Rhea asks Pallavi to stop them but they lock their door and open it after the wedding is complete and Ranbeer asks why is Rhea shouting and makes fun of her. She says she will talk to him tomorrow as he is not in his senses!

Prachi asks Pallavi for a blessing and then says it’s risky because she thinks of something and blesses something else and She taunts Aaliya saying she will not ask for her blessings, as she will just curse her and they all leave.

Dadi blesses Ranbeer and Prachi and asks them to stay together always.

Pallavi goes to her room irked and Vikram asks her what is wrong? She says Ranbeer has married Prachi and reveals how Rhea has cheated Prachi and got her signature on the divorce papers. Vikram says he understands why she is doing it and supports her.

Dadi and Shahana make a plan that they will make Ranbeer and Prachi sleep on the same bed and they will think that something has happened in between them and Rhea overhears the same and makes them sleep in separate rooms.

Rhea asks Aaliya to stay for the night and throw Prachi out of the house tomorrow and Aaliya agrees. She smirks looking at the mirror thinking she will not lose Ranbeer at any cost!

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