Undeterred, Rhea approaches Prachi and declares that the papers she burnt were mere copies of the original draft. Rhea promises to prove the legitimacy of the papers and throw her out of the house! Before everyone, Ranbeer nods to support Rhea, making Prachi furious.

Later, Shahana sees Rhea locking the original papers signed by Prachi in the locker and relates the events to Prachi.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer debates with himself over Prachi and tells Daljeet (Dadi) that she has always refused his offer of help. He asks Daljeet to promise that she won’t tell Prachi about his feelings.

Dadi informs Prachi and Shahana that they must deceive Rhea in order to help Prachi reclaim Ranbir. Prachi expresses concern that the papers may lead her to lose Ranbir. Shahana says that Rhea will be defeated once they have the documents. They devise several ideas until Dadi comes up with a plan and informs them that they would raid the house and then take the documents from Rhea’s room. Dadi instructs them to disguise themselves, rush into Rhea’s room, and grab the documents.

Vikram informs Pallavi that they made a mistake in acquiring Prachi’s signatures. He says that he is unable to think clearly, so he is going to the Office to divert his mind.

Aaliya meets Pallavi and tells her that she is going home.

Dadi’s strategy is strange to Shahana and Prachi. Prachi claims that Vikram and Ranbir are well-educated, and they are well-versed in the raid laws, and that they would not allow the authorities to enter the house. Dadi tells Prachi that she will manage everything.

Pallavi informs Aaliya that Vikram feels Rhea did wrong by spiking the drink and getting Prachi’s signature. Pallavi says that they need to get rid of Prachi soon and if Vikram is convinced that Prachi is right, then Ranbir would also back Prachi. Pallavi asks Aaliya to stay with them till Prachi is ousted from the house!

Rhea packs Prachi’s belongings and asks her to leave the house! Prachi stops Rhea. After an argument, Rhea asks Prachi to stay for the night and leave in the morning.

Prachi says she will carry out Dadi’s plan. Dadi says they’ll get started on the plan when Ranbir goes to work. Shahana inquires if Prachi feels lonely throughout her pregnancy? Prachi claims that the baby is her strength.

Ranbir returns home from the Office. He sees Prachi crying and asks her the cause of her grief? She is rude to him and her words upset him. Prachi expresses her dissatisfaction with Ranbir. He’s worried about her. She wants him to stop acting concerned! He tells her to do whatever she wants and leaves.

Shahana confronts Prachi. Prachi says that Ranbir has caused her pain. She questions why Ranbir married Rhea when he wanted to support her? Ranbir believes he will do everything Prachi asks him to, but only when she returns to him. She claims that the baby might have brought Ranbir and her together, but Rhea is the stumbling block between them. She says she came to inform Ranbir of her pregnancy, but Ranbir was getting married to Rhea at the time. Shahana asks why she is staying here if she doesn’t want Ranbir? Prachi says that she has come to exact revenge on Ranbir and Rhea! Shahana says she’ll help her.

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