Ranbir informs his family about the postponed meeting. Dadi wants him to go to the Office. She asks him to go get her jewellery.

Rhea suspects Dadi is urging Ranbir to leave the house.

Dadi asks Ranbir to go as she is suffering from a headache. Ranbir tells Dadi that he will bring her medicine.

Ranbir walks to his room to get the medicine. He doesn’t see Prachi and chooses to give her some space. He hands Dadi the medicine. Ranbir leaves for work. Dadi feels relieved and wishes Vikram would go as well. Vikram says he’ll stay at home today because he’s not feeling well. Dadi gets worried.

Prachi and Shahana barge through the door. Prachi says that they are from the IT department and they have come to raid the house. Prachi interrogates Vikram about the fake firms. She informs them that they will inspect the house.

Rhea expresses her doubts about their identities. Prachi inquires about Rhea’s objections to the raid? Prachi informs them that they have all of the family members’ information and asks that they hand her the phones. Prachi asks Shahana to inspect Rhea’s room.

Dadi asks Rhea to remain silent until the raid is over. Rhea tells Aaliya that something is not right.

Ranbir tells Jai that he mistook his friendship with Rhea for love as he wanted to hurt Prachi just to impress Rhea, but he fell in love with Prachi. Jai says that Ranbir was wrong. Ranbir accepts that he was wrong to not trust Prachi. Ranbir tells that he loves Prachi and didn’t wish to marry Rhea, who was threatening to give up her life. He tells that it’s his bad fate that Prachi came home on the day when he was marrying Rhea. Prachi was shattered seeing her husband with Rhea. Ranbir plans to shift to London to ease Prachi’s suffering.

Vikram and Pallavi show the rooms to Prachi and Shahana. Rhea’s stress level remains high. Dadi asks Rhea to sit quietly for a while.

Rhea questions Dadi’s calm demeanour. Dadi keeps Rhea and Aaliya engaged in talks.

Prachi opens Rhea’s closet. She asks for the keys from Vikram. He says that he is unaware of the keys.

Aaliya checks the landline and finds that it is working. She claims that the IT officials are Imposters!

Vikram learns that Prachi is posing as the Income Tax Officer but doesn’t expose her.

Dadi becomes worried when Rhea enters her room. Prachi asks for the locker keys. Rhea asks why she needs the keys?? Prachi threatens to break the locker. Vikram asks Rhea to give the keys. Rhea expresses her doubt about the raid and passes the keys. Prachi asks her to leave. Shahana threatens Rhea with arrest. Dadi asks Prachi to find the papers as soon as possible!

Vikram lies to Pallavi.

Prachi and Shahana get the papers.

Vikram swears that he’s telling the truth. Pallavi compels him.

Dadi lies, saying that Vikram is thinking of a wedding anniversary gift for Pallavi. Pallavi thanks her for being so thoughtful.

Aaliya takes Pallavi with her.

Dadi tells Vikram that she is happy that he is helping Prachi. He says that he is supporting the truth.

Prachi tells Shahana that something is wrong. Shahana returns the mobile phones, and when they are about to leave, Rhea stops them.

Rhea remembers Aaliya telling her about the fake raid. Rhea understands that Prachi and Shahana are the ones who disguised themselves to collect the documents. Prachi’s prosthetic beard is pulled off by Rhea. Dadi and Vikram get worried. Rhea pulls the folder from Prachi’s hands and tells that Prachi came to steal the papers. Rhea and Prachi are at odds.

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