Worried about Prachi, Ranbeer tells Jay to arrange his flight ticket back home!

Sahana arrives at the jail and urges Prachi to allow her to contact Sushma for help, but Prachi refuses. When Shahana is asked to leave the premises, she deliberately argues with the Police Officers and gets herself thrown into jail as well to support Prachi.

At the Kohli house, a frantic Rhea tells Aaliya about the warning Prachi gave her before being arrested and decides to burn all her belongings to deal with her insecurities! A maid overhears Rhea’s words and informs Pallavi about her intentions.

While gathering Prachi’s belongings, Rhea lauds Aaliya’s plan to trap Siddharth and Prachi in the past and the duo discusses the plan in detail. The scheming duo gets shocked on seeing Pallavi standing at the door and fear that she may have heard their conversation.

However, Pallavi shows no signs of having heard their conversation and rebukes Rhea for trying to burn Prachi’s belongings!

Meanwhile, Ranbeer tries to get in touch with Prachi, but the Police Officer refuses to hand the phone to her.

Pallavi tells Rhea that Prachi has gone temporarily and will return soon. She also warns Rhea of the consequences if Prachi finds her belongings missing on returning. Pallavi also tells Rhea to let Ranbeer get rid of Prachi’s stuff himself as that will be a bigger blow to Prachi’s ego instead!

Pallavi and Aaliya worry about Ranbeer going to Prachi’s rescue and recall Rhea’s past suicide attempts due to the Couple’s relationship.

While waiting at the Airport to get back home, Ranbeer recalls the past Lohri celebration with Prachi and wonders if Prachi has forgotten their fond memories? Later, he boards the flight and arrives at the Police Station. Before going inside, Ranbeer calls Jay, who is at the Kohli house.

Pallavi hears Jay and Ranbeer’s conversation and gets alert on learning that Ranbeer has gone to bail out Prachi.

Prachi and Shahana wake up from sleep when Ranbeer raises a ruckus to get the Police Officer to release Prachi. However, his behaviour enrages the Police Officer, and he gets Ranbeer thrown into a jail cell as well.

Pallavi tells Vikram about Ranbeer’s actions and says that she fears Rhea committing suicide on learning that Ranbeer has gone to rescue Prachi.

Meanwhile, Prachi berates Ranbeer for his actions and denies needing his help. On seeing Prachi getting hyper, another woman in the jail cell comments about her being pregnant and Ranbeer gets shocked on hearing this.

Back at the Kohli house, Aaliya reminds Pallavi about her and the families’ responsibilities towards Rhea, and Pallavi decides to make Lohri special for Rhea!

Ranbeer assumes that the girl who is pregnant is Sahana and effusively congratulates her and also Prachi for becoming an Aunt.

Later, Ranbeer’s lawyer arrives and bails out the trio.

Unaware of the events, Aaliya and Pallavi make preparations for Rhea’s first Lohri, while Daljeet (Dadi) waits for Ranbeer and Prachi to return.

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