Upon exiting the Police Station, Ranbeer shows extreme care for Sahana and this renders Prachi emotional. He also offers to accommodate Sahana in the Kohli house and refuses to hear out any of her excuses.

Pallavi distributes Lohri gifts to everyone and they all have a lot of fun discussing the past Lohri celebrations. When Rhea enquires about Ranbeer’s whereabouts, Pallavi and Aaliya go quiet.

Whereas, Ranbeer, Sahana and Prachi arrive outside the Kohli house and some words trigger Ranbeer’s memory from the night of his and Prachi’s remarriage. When Prachi demeans Ranbeer’s feelings, he gets furious with her and accuses her of clinging to the past despite knowing the truth about his situation. He also refuses to care for Prachi anymore due to her antagonistic behaviour!

Pallavi tells Vikram, Aaliya and Daljeet that she hopes Prachi won’t be bailed out till the end of Lohri celebrations and Daljeet loudly objects to this. She accuses Pallavi of coddling Rhea and giving into her demands without a care for Prachi!

Ranbir and Prachi have an argument. Sahana asks them to stop. Ranbir informs Prachi that they will start a new chapter. He goes on to say that he will leave her and never see her again, that she will not see him and his affection! He leaves from there.

Ranbir storms into the house, enraged. Rhea expresses her delight at seeing him. He inquires if she is pleased to see him? He tells her that her happiness would no longer be the same!

Prachi enters the house. Rhea is shocked to see Prachi. Ranbir taunts Rhea. A furious Ranbir lashes out at Prachi and his family members!

Sahana enters the house. Ranbir asks her to go to the room because the drama will go on for a long time. Rhea wonders why Sahana would want to stay at the house? He tells her that it’s his decision whether or not Sahana will remain in their home! He says that he left his meeting and came to help Prachi.

Rhea gets angry at him. He claims that Pallavi is ignorant of his choices because she is preoccupied with Rhea rather than her own Son! He inquires as to why Rhea called the Cops?? He questions Vikram and Pallavi about why they did not intervene to stop Prachi’s arrest?? He tells them that Rhea not only defamed Prachi, but also the entire family!!!

Dadi asks Prachi to go to her room and rest. Rhea asks if she is the cause of Ranbir’s anger?

Vikram and Pallavi admit that they overstepped their bounds by having Prachi arrested. Rhea believes she can succeed as Ranbir’s wife!

Sahana dances joyfully, knowing that Ranbir has scolded Rhea. Dadi also expresses her joy. She regrets that his rage was hidden behind anguish. Dadi and Sahana wish Ranbir and Prachi will stay together and be happy. Prachi thinks of Ranbir’s words.

An angry Rhea confronts Prachi. Prachi tells Rhea that she should not have called the Cops. Rhea says that she wanted to punish her for the robbery! Prachi claims that Rhea was aware of her intention to take only the documents, but she blamed her for taking the jewellery. Prachi says that she has won since Ranbir took time away from his important meeting to come to her help because he still loves her. Rhea reminds her that Ranbir was just concerned about the family’s reputation!

Prachi calms down for the sake of the baby. She tells her baby that Ranbir loves kids and that he was overjoyed to learn that Sahana was expecting a child. She adds that she was unable to tell Ranbir the truth about her pregnancy, which would have brought him the greatest joy of his life.

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