Ranbir thinks of Prachi as he walks down the street. He speaks with a man who is sleeping on the roadside. The man says that he has a big house, but his wife kicked him out. He confides in Ranbir about his troubles. He asks Ranbir to tell him about his love story. Ranbir opens up about his love life. His life, he says, is too complicated. The man explains that it’s not difficult; he only needs to make Prachi jealous by being lovely to Rhea, and Prachi will return to him and proclaim her love.

When Ranbir returns home, he is about to fall, but Prachi catches him. Ranbir asks her to leave him alone, claiming that he doesn’t need her help! Prachi states that she would prefer not to help!

Prachi wonders why she is feeling so bad when she wanted it to happen, and she notices her tears in the mirror and cautions herself, questioning why is he affecting her? She recalls Sushma’s words.

When Ranbir sees Sahana, he asks if she is okay and invites her to a casual talk. Sahana says that she wants to inform him about the child. Sahana tells Ranbeer that he deserves to know the truth about the child, but hesitates because of Prachi.

Ranbeer tells her to abide by Prachi’s wishes and that he will support her no matter what. Furthermore, he tells Sahana to decide as to what she thinks is right for the baby. His words render Sahana emotional, and she goes to meet Prachi.

Sahana assures Prachi of Ranbeer’s love and states that he deserves to know about his baby. Prachi reminds her about Ranbeer’s suspicions about her and Siddharth and how he had condemned her without a thought. When Sahana continues to defend Ranbeer, Prachi drags her to Ranbeer’s room and leaves the decision upon her to reveal the truth or not. However, when Ranbeer opens the door, Sahana goes silent and Prachi states that she doesn’t need anyone’s help with the baby! Though Prachi’s attitude affects him, Ranbeer acts unbothered and shuts the door on her face.

Rhea sees this and gleefully conveys the events to Pallavi and Aaliya the next day.

When Prachi arrives for breakfast, she wishes a happy Lohri to Vikram and takes his blessings. This scene infuriates Pallavi, and she reluctantly extends Lohri’s wishes to Prachi at Vikram’s insistence.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer apologises to his family for his behaviour and allows Rhea to cosy up to him in front of Prachi to make her jealous.

Meanwhile, Sahana worries about Ranbeer and Prachi’s relationship and confides in Daljeet (Dadi).

Prachi sees an emotional Sahana embracing Daljeet and enquires about her upset state? To save the situation, Daljeet comes up with an excuse and hands new clothes to the duo to wear during the Lohri celebration.

Meanwhile, Pallavi fights with Vikram for giving his blessings to Prachi without a care for Rhea’s feelings! Vikram defends his actions and scolds Pallavi for supporting Rhea’s wrongdoings! He states that it was Prachi who had suffered at the hands of Rhea and not vice versa! On hearing Vikram’s words, Pallavi walks away in a huff, while Daljeet lauds Vikram for supporting the right person.

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