On the flip side, Rhea tells Aaliya that she wants only Ranbeer to defeat Prachi once and for all and that her hatred for Prachi is more than her love for Ranbeer!

Pallavi hears Rhea’s selfish words and gets shocked on learning about her real feelings for Ranbeer.

Later, Lohri celebrations begin and Ranbeer warmly welcomes Jay. On noticing his interest in Sahana, Ranbeer encourages him to pursue her.

Prachi arrives for the celebration as well and when Rhea begins arguing with her, Prachi tries to walk away but Rhea stops her. For the sake of her baby’s health, Prachi wishes to stay away from stressful situations, but Rhea makes it difficult for her. She keeps taunting Prachi and reminds her of her status in Ranbeer’s life!

Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbeer has always been hers and that she should remove any notions about being Ranbeer’s wife from her mind! Prachi is rendered speechless due to Rhea’s taunting words and fails to confront her.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer encourages Jay’s interest in Sahana and leaves them together to bond with each other. As he walks away, the Paranda (A women’s hair ornament/decoration for a braid tassel) in Prachi’s hair hits him in the eye and Prachi gets concerned on seeing him in pain. She applies a warm compression on his eye to soothe him and Rhea fumes on seeing them together.

When Prachi tries to act nonchalant about her concern and speaks bitterly to him, Ranbeer accuses her of walking out on their relationship.

Later, Rhea drags Prachi and confronts her. Furious, Prachi calls her out on being insecure and promises to slap Rhea if she manhandles her again!

Aaliya witnesses the duo’s altercation and fears about Ranbeer and Prachi reuniting. She approaches Pallavi with her fears and tells her to do something which will drive Ranbeer towards Rhea.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer, Sahana and Vikram plan a game of musical chairs and Rhea announces that the winner with get a chance to hug Ranbeer.

Later, Rhea challenges Prachi that she will win the game and hug Ranbeer in front of her! On being encouraged by Sahana and Daljeet (Dadi), Prachi resolves to defeat Rhea!

The game of musical chairs begins and one by one, everyone starts losing. With only Aaliya, Rhea and Prachi left behind, the competition turns fierce, and Aaliya tries to make Prachi fall.

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