Ranbeer saves Prachi, and she quickly appropriates a chair before Rhea could sit on it.

When Prachi wins the game, Ranbeer gives her a hug as the prize and Rhea burns with jealousy on seeing the Couple together. In a fit of rage, Rhea throws a plate on the floor and the resulting noise forces Ranbeer and Prachi to separate.

Affected by being close to Prachi, Ranbeer walks away and decides to not let his weakness show before Prachi.

Meanwhile, Prachi sobs in front of Sahana and expresses that the hug made her feelings for Ranbeer come alive again. Not wanting to get close to Ranbeer again, Prachi feels conflicted and walks away in a hurry, only to stumble. Before she could fall, Ranbeer catches hold of her, and Rhea witnesses the scene as well.

When Ranbeer leaves, Rhea shames Prachi for hugging her husband, but Prachi gives her a fitting reply and rebukes her for trying to cheat in the game!

Upset due to the circumstances, Rhea loses her composure, and her tears worry Pallavi, who advises her to not place any importance on Prachi’s actions.

Later, the Lohri celebrations begin in full swing, and everyone dances to the beat of the drum.

Ranbeer sees Prachi dancing with Sahana and after thinking for a while, he drags her by the hand and begins dancing with her. Though she gets startled for a moment, Prachi soon joins Ranbeer, and Rhea fumes on seeing the duo’s proximity. She vents her frustration to Aaliya and cribs about Prachi snatching her rights once again!

To prevent Prachi from participating in the Lohri rituals, Aaliya manages to send her into the house on a false pretext, while the prayer begins in her absence.

Daljeet entrusts the household responsibilities to Pallavi and tells her to commence the prayer instead of her.

Pallavi and Vikram begin the rituals and take ‘rounds’ around the bonfire. Meanwhile, Sahana and Daljeet notice Prachi’s absence, and the former goes to look for her.

Unbeknown to everyone, Aaliya locks Prachi in a room and conveys her actions to Rhea.

When Ranbeer tries to go look for Prachi, Pallavi stops him and announces that Rhea and Ranbeer will take ‘rounds’ around the bonfire. Reluctantly, Ranbeer begins taking the ‘rounds’ with Rhea, while Sahana rescues Prachi and takes her for the prayer.

However, on seeing Rhea and Ranbeer taking the ‘rounds’, Prachi is left heartbroken and recalls the challenge Rhea gave to her.

Daljeet urges Prachi to participate in the prayer as well, for her baby, and Prachi circles the bonfire behind Rhea and Ranbeer. This sight enrages Rhea, and she stealthily flings a log of burning wood in Prachi’s path.

Seeing Prachi in pain, Ranbeer abandons the ‘rounds’ with Rhea and helps Prachi complete her prayer. Later, he lifts Prachi in his arms and takes her into the house, much to Rhea’s fury!

Prachi asks Ranbir to get her down! He makes her sit on the sofa and asks her to stop behaving like a child. Prachi lashes out at Ranbeer as he tries to tend to her burn. He asks Sahana to get the first-aid kit but Prachi orders her to stop!

Rhea urges him to stop as well, and as he asks her to talk to Prachi instead, Prachi taunts her and tells her not to speak to her!

Sahana and Daljeet ask Prachi not to protest since Ranbeer simply wants to help, and Pallavi tells her to stop being self-absorbed claiming that her son is only being kind!

Amid the chaos, Ranbeer stomps off to get the first-aid kit himself, and Rhea follows after. She scolds him for caring for Prachi despite her ungrateful stance and asks him to save the remaining ounces of his self-respect! A heated argument follows, and Ranbeer blurts out that it pains him to see Prachi in pain. He then grabs the kit and rushes out leaving an exasperated Rhea worrying how even her ploy with Siddharth hasn’t seemed to stop Prachi from meddling with her life with Ranbeer!

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