Ranbeer slouches to Prachi’s wound, but Prachi threatens to call the Police if he proceeds further!

Daljeet tries to advise her against it as well, and Pallavi and Aaliya tell Ranbeer to let her be, but Prachi tells them off asserting that they should direct their anger at Ranbeer for having his way with her against her wishes!

As Ranbeer calls her bluff and begins to apply the ointment to her wound, Prachi dials up for the Police.

A while later, the Policemen arrive and Ranbeer mocks Prachi for having called them, knowing he only helped her and did nothing wrong. He claims in front of everyone that what he did was for his wife, Rhea, since Prachi would have blamed her for her injury had he not treated her. The Policemen thereby take their leave, deeming it a harmless lovers’ quarrel.

Ranbir is sweet to Rhea and makes her happy. Pallavi apologises to the guests.

Sahana asks Prachi why she got angry at Ranbir? Prachi walks into her room. Sahana goes behind her.

Vikram goes to Dadi and talks about Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship. Dadi believes Ranbir and Prachi will reconcile.

Rhea is overjoyed because Ranbir talked nicely with her. Aaliya asks Rhea why she is so cheerful? Rhea says Ranbir told Prachi that he loves his wife, Rhea. Aaliya expresses her joy for her. Rhea blushes as she recalls Ranbir’s words.

Prachi recalls Ranbir’s kind gesture and words. She believes she had voiced her wrath to him, yet she felt delighted and at ease as she witnessed his concern. She advises herself not to become too attached to Ranbir, or she may ruin herself in his love.

Ranbir thinks about Prachi, who is in discomfort and pain. A glass breaks from her hands. Prachi feels dizzy. Ranbir hears the sound. He wants to check on her but stops recalling her rude words.

Prachi calls Dr. Madhu and tells about her stomach pain. Madhu asks her to come to the clinic for a check-up.

Madhu calls Ranbir and tells him about Pallavi’s medicines and asks him to pick them up the next morning.

Ranbir approaches Prachi and asks if she is fine? She claims to be okay. He points to the shattered glass and mocks her. She claims that people reveal their problems for help, but she doesn’t want anyone’s emotional or physical help or support. She slams the door on his face and cries.

Vikram searches for his spectacles. Prachi notices that he is disturbed and offers to help him. He sits on his spectacles. Prachi suggests that he order new spectacles quickly by selecting frames online. He praises her and expresses his gratitude for having such a wonderful daughter-in-law.

Sahana and Dadi talk about Prachi.

Rhea makes Prachi jealous reminding how Ranbir had made the Lohri so memorable for her, by declaring that he cares for her.

Ranbeer resumes his affectionate gestures with Rhea at the breakfast table and Prachi mocks them for being immature. She then informs Daljeet that she needs to run an errand and leaves the table.

Ranbeer takes his leave from the table too, and informs Pallavi about having to collect her medication.

Afterwards, Rhea expresses her happiness owing to Ranbeer’s affection and Aaliya tells her that he has begun to realize her worth.

On his way, Ranbeer finds Prachi waiting for her taxi and offers her a ride. She refuses and Ranbeer confronts her about her indifference, but to no avail. Her ride soon arrives and she leaves for the maternity Clinic.

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