At the Clinic, the Doctor informs Prachi that the reason behind the random bouts of pain is stress and asks Prachi to call up her husband. Prachi tries to evade her, claiming that her husband already takes good care of her but the Doctor senses the lie and asks her about it.

Later, Ranbeer enters the cabin during Prachi’s check-up, separated only by a translucent curtain. She hurriedly tries to leave the cabin right after she learns about Ranbeer’s presence, but bumps into him. Suspicious as well, as startled, he asks her and then the Doctor if Prachi is pregnant? Both of them avoid the question and Prachi rushes out of the clinic in an attempt to avoid Ranbeer, but fails. He further urges her to tell him the truth about everything, but Prachi evades the topic of her pregnancy.

As Ranbeer and Prachi argue outside the Clinic, he asks her why she stays with his family and addresses them as hers if she doesn’t feel like she has a right over him. But she tells him off and leaves, leaving a fuming Ranbeer behind.

At the Kohli mansion, Prachi recites the day’s events to Sahana, and realizes that she should confess the truth to Ranbeer, but fails to muster up the courage.

Daljeet chimes in and reassures her that she will stay by her side even if Prachi keeps a secret from her.

Soon after, Ranbeer enters the room, tells Daljeet to stop siding with Prachi, and declares that if someone is keeping a secret from him, he wouldn’t forgive them, including the abettors!

To avoid pondering further on the matter, an idea pops up in Prachi’s mind. She heads to the Kitchen to speak to Rhea where she asks about her ongoing medication, making Prachi realize that she is often closely monitored. She then attempts to instigate Rhea by telling her how Ranbeer offered her a ride in his car this morning.

Ranbeer stops by and clarifies the situation, and Rhea affirms her trust in him.

Prachi returns to her room, content to have distracted Ranbeer from her pregnancy.

Later, Ranbeer finds Vikram drinking alcohol and as he playfully teases him, Vikram tells him not to snitch on him since it would make Pallavi worried. They talk about the dynamics of a married life and Vikram asserts that he isn’t a good father.

Vikram vents his regrets to Ranbeer about not having supported his relationship with Prachi. Ranbeer assures him and they playfully get drunk. He then heads to Prachi’s room, finding her asleep.

In his drunken stupor, he confesses his love for her and gazes at her lovingly.

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