Suddenly feeling hungover, fishes for a medicine in Prachi’s drawer. She wakes up, startled, and stops him. He then falls asleep in her lap and Prachi dozes off as well, after locking the drawer.

Aaliya spots them in the situation and calls Pallavi to show it to her as well. They worry about Prachi and Ranbeer’s growing proximity and Pallavi suggests that they should counter it by bringing Rhea and Ranbeer closer.

In the morning, Prachi wakes up and finds that Ranbeer is missing beside her.

It turns out that Ranbeer has mysteriously found Prachi’s medicines and after looking it up on the internet, learned that it is for pregnant women. Enraged, he confronts a rattled Prachi.

Prachi tells Ranbir that he has changed so much that he’s accusing her of having an affair with Siddharth. She tells that he questioned her manners and character when he saw her with Siddharth on the bed and now he’s doing the same. She asks him if he’s going to ask if her baby is Siddharth’s??

Ranbir fumes with anger and goes to hit her but pulls his hand back and apologises. He tells he shouldn’t have done whatever he did and he’s aware that she won’t forgive him easily. He tells this is the first time he raised his hand and apologises for that. He asks her why didn’t she tell him that they’re pregnant. Prachi tells him that they’re not pregnant? Ranbir gets shocked and asks her to not to lie as it’s hurting him. He tells her that she can scold him but not lie regarding this matter.

Prachi yells at him that she’s not pregnant as she doesn’t want to get pregnant by him! She tells she is focused on her career and has no plans of bearing a child anytime soon! Ranbir insists that she’s pregnant. Prachi tells she’s not pregnant. He tells he doesn’t believe her. She tells she did love him but not more than her career and tells him that having a baby was only his dream and not hers! She tells him that she won’t ever fulfil his dream and Ranbir shatters. He leaves and cries and Prachi also starts crying.

Pallavi asks Rhea when is she leaving for honeymoon? Rhea tells that it will be too sudden for Ranbir. Aaliya tells she better go now or it will be too late.

Later, Pallavi asks Ranbir to go to honeymoon as people are talking bad about Rhea. Ranbir asks Rhea if she wants to go to Manali? Rhea agrees and he looks at Prachi.

Ranbir tells he had been waiting for a getaway and tells them they’ll stay in a nice suite and plan about family. Everyone’s stunned and he thanks Pallavi for the idea.

Prachi leaves crying and Sahana asks her why did Ranbir talk like that? Prachi tells her to ask Ranbir as she doesn’t know. Sahana tells Ranbir is doing this to take revenge because Prachi hurt him. She asks Prachi to tell Ranbir the truth and let him know that she loves him. Prachi tells she’s not in love with Ranbir.

Ranbir tells Prachi is right as she never loved him and now it’s clear. Sahana tells she can see that they love each other. Prachi tells Ranbir has hurt her so many times unintentionally but now it was intentional. Ranbir tells he always wished to have a baby with her but she made it clear that she won’t ever conceive and it broke his heart. He tells that’s why he’s going to have a baby with Rhea who is also very happy about it. He tells he’d rather stay with someone who values his dreams and loves him and leaves.

Prachi cries and hugs Sahana and she consoles her.

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