While Ranbeer and Rhea rant about Prachi’s doing, Rhea realizes that she hasn’t confronted the Driver yet and goes to him, giving him an earful. In a fit, he throws their luggage out of the car and drives off.

The duo then heads to a substandard hotel mentioned earlier by the Driver, on Rhea’s insistence.

At the Kohli house, Pallavi, instigated by Aaliya, confronts Daljeet about Prachi’s efforts to ruin Rhea and Ranbeer’s honeymoon. As Sahana begins to speak up with Daljeet, Pallavi commands her to leave the house!

Rhea shows her new room to Prachi over a video call and she gets jealous, thereby hanging up the call.

Pallavi stays adamant on throwing Sahana out of the Kohli house. Sahana taunts Pallavi, and Aaliya stands up to her. Aaliya begins to drag her out, but Daljeet (Dadi) berates her, pointing out the fact that Aaliya is also a guest at the house and hence shouldn’t point fingers at Sahana! When Daljeet assertively tells Aaliya to stop, Pallavi finally caves in.

Rhea, on her video call with Prachi, hugs Ranbeer. Frustrated and helpless, Prachi hangs up.

As Rhea makes romantic advances towards Ranbeer, he begins to look for excuses to let Rhea down gently.

Back at the house, Prachi worries that Ranbeer and Rhea might get too close. Thinking that Ranbeer might be behaving hesitant due to her dirty attire, Rhea heads to the bathroom to freshen up as Ranbeer continues to look for excuses.

Aaliya instigates Pallavi and she decides to worsen Prachi’s life at the house, in order to prompt her to leave.

Ranbeer deduces that despite her indifference, Prachi’s actions are rooted in jealousy and not in the lack of her love for him.

Rhea comes back to the room and tries to seduce Ranbeer. Troubled and hesitant, he flees to the bathroom to try and come up with a way to avoid Rhea’s advances.

Just then, the Police arrive, on a raid, and knock on Rhea and Ranbeer’s door. Rhea answers, and despite her denial, the Police assume something to be fishy and questions her. The Policeman’s questions offend Rhea and she splashes water on the Policeman’s face.

Later, Ranbeer joins in but despite his protests, the Police arrest Rhea.

It is revealed that Prachi had yet again colluded with her Driver, to blow a false alarm for a Police raid at Rhea and Ranbeer’s hotel. Sahana insists that she should leave the house after all the humiliation that Pallavi caused her. Daljeet tells her that Prachi needs her support in the house and should stay despite being humiliated.

At the Police Station, Rhea argues with and threatens the Police Inspector to let her and Ranbeer go, but he begins to ask for their marriage certificate.

Ranbeer secretly admires Prachi’s ploy and heaves a sigh of relief for the honeymoon to have gotten interrupted.

After watching and eavesdropping on an angry and distressed Prachi vowing to protect her marriage, Aaliya begins to provoke Pallavi to get Prachi thrown out of the house! Pointing out the redundancy of her advice, Pallavi denies it. Later, Aaliya shares a plan with Pallavi to cause Prachi so much misery that she would willingly leave the house! Pallavi agrees and asks Aaliya to call Prachi.

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