As an overjoyed Rhea walks towards the car with Aaliya assuming that Prachi must have given up on the challenge, she is stunned to find Prachi smugly standing beside the car.

Prachi tells them that since the previous driver called in sick, she arranged another car for them. Pallavi, untrusting of her, calls the driver and verifies Prachi’s claims.

As the two get seated in the car, Prachi taunts her that she could’ve delayed their honeymoon, but didn’t.

Later, Daljeet and Sahana try to figure out Prachi’s plan.

Pallavi tells Aaliya how she can finally heave a sigh of relief since she successfully sent Ranbeer and Rhea on the honeymoon, but Aaliya stays worried about Prachi’s interference. Pallavi suggests that they should hatch a plan to evict Prachi out of the house in Ranbeer and Rhea’s absence!

Prachi reminisces about a good memory with Ranbeer, where they discussed going on a honeymoon to Manali as well. She vows to spoil Rhea’s honeymoon!

On their way, Ranbeer wonders about his decision about the honeymoon and Rhea worries about Prachi’s challenge.

Suddenly, the Driver claims that the car has broken down and drives it to a halt. He tells them that the only nearby place of accommodation is a shady hotel and advises them against staying there. He then asks Ranbeer and Rhea to push the car forward to reach the mechanic and apologizes for not being able to do it himself, pointing at his injured arm. Further, he tells them that he needs to contact his company via video call and relay the situation.

Ranbeer scolds Rhea and tells her to sit in the car while he pushes the car on his own. Rhea whines about her ruined clothes and shoes and soon grows weary. Suspicious about the Driver, she heads towards the Driver’s seat, where she finds him speaking to Prachi on the video call.

Despite the Driver’s reluctance, Prachi tells him to let Rhea find out, in a bid to trouble her further!

Back at the Kohli house, Daljeet finds Prachi watching Rhea and Ranbeer push a broken down car on call and walks away, adoring her ploy.

Prachi explains her ploy to Rhea over a video call and Rhea later tells Ranbeer about it too, while ranting about Prachi.

Daljeet tells Sahana about Prachi’s ploy and they celebrate, unaware that Aaliya is eavesdropping.

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