Pallavi tells Rhea to go back for the honeymoon and she thanks Pallavi and Aaliya and leaves. Pallavi tells she’s feeling strange and Aaliya tells her to book the suite.

Prachi tells she can’t trust him and risk her baby as he might leave the baby just like he left her.

Rhea thanks Ranbir for accepting her. Prachi sees them and Ranbir notices Prachi and tells Rhea that they had to become one at one point. Ranbeer shares his third dream with Rhea and she gets overjoyed.

After overhearing their conversation, Prachi emotionally vents to her about her feelings and hurt and admits getting bothered by Ranbeer steering away from her. She also admits her wish to tell him the truth but how the past holds her back nonetheless.

Later, she finds Rhea in her bedroom and they argue over Ranbeer. Rhea’s hurtful words make Prachi lose her temper, and she challenges Rhea that her honeymoon wouldn’t go as she expects and would be just another normal night!

Pallavi and Aaliya celebrate Ranbeer and Rhea’s growing proximity and express their delight. Pallavi tells Aaliya that she learned from Vikram that Ranbeer was drunk when he slept in Prachi’s lap.

Rhea asserts to Prachi that she would be rendered homeless by the next day! As Rhea taunts Prachi about how Pallavi favours and likes her, Prachi counters by telling her that she is only liked by people due to their dislike for Prachi. Rhea declares that once she unites with Ranbeer, Prachi would be left homeless!

Prachi heads to Daljeet (Dadi) and Sahana and tells them about her plan to spoil Rhea and Ranbeer’s honeymoon. When they offer to help, Prachi refuses, but asks Daljeet about the hotel’s name?

Daljeet and Sahana mock Ranbeer and Prachi’s denial of their love for each other, unaware that Prachi is listening. Prachi then scolds them and Daljeet reminds her of being short on time since Ranbeer and Rhea would leave the next morning.

In their respective rooms, Ranbeer and Prachi reminisce their good old memories.

The next morning, Ranbeer and Prachi run into each other and Prachi’s wedding necklace gets stuck in Ranbeer’s shirt, as they share a moment.

The family sees off Ranbeer and Rhea and Rhea realizes that Prachi is missing. She makes an excuse and goes up to Prachi’s room to find her.

Vikram and Pallavi bicker as he uses work as an excuse to avoid seeing off Rhea and Ranbeer.

Rhea happily tells Aaliya about a missing Prachi and begins to head to the car to leave with Ranbeer, but stares in astonishment as she finds Prachi beside the car.

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