Sahana tries to speak up for her, but Prachi holds her back. She declares to Pallavi that a day will come when she would admit the fact that Prachi is her daughter-in-law!

At the Police Station, as Rhea cribs to Ranbeer about getting locked up, Ranbeer tells her to calm down and asks the Inspector if they can make another call? He then calls Prachi.

At the Kohli house, Vikram warns Pallavi that if she misbehaves with Prachi again, he would unequivocally stand up for Prachi! He then picks up his pillow and storms out of the room.

Aaliya walks in and claims to Pallavi that Prachi is manipulating Vikram.

Rhea chides Ranbeer for calling Prachi, but he persuades her with reason. He then secretly admires Prachi’s ploy.

Prachi grows tearful about having her vermilion washed off by Pallavi. Daljeet walks in and tries to console her. She asks Prachi to wear vermilion again but Prachi vows that she wouldn’t wear it until Ranbeer puts it on her himself, in front of Pallavi!

Aaliya manipulates Pallavi into thinking that Prachi has begun to slyly garner support for herself and oust her from her position in the house. Later, she receives a call from the Police Station and the Inspector tells her about Rhea and Ranbeer’s situation. Pallavi overhears her and Aaliya gives her the phone. She then learns about their situation as well and rushes for Vikram to take her to the Police Station.

Daljeet and Sahana leave separately with Prachi as well. Vikram’s car breaks down midway.

Meanwhile, Prachi, Daljeet and Sahana arrive at the Police Station with a horde of women from a women’s rights NGO.

A while later, Vikram, Pallavi and Aaliya arrive as well.

Rhea lashes out at Prachi but the women from the NGO speak in her support. Prachi cites the law and declares that since Ranbeer was married to her before he married Rhea, Rhea and Ranbeer’s marriage would be null and void.

The Inspector adds on that as per the law, Ranbeer should be held guilty for violating the law as well! He tells Ranbeer that marrying someone while already being married is a crime and can lead to the entire family getting arrested!

Prachi gets worried and tries to lay the blame off Ranbeer and his family.

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