Prachi furnishes her marriage certificate with Ranbeer and Vikram and Pallavi accept that only Prachi is their daughter-in-law, leaving Rhea furious. The NGO women point out the absence of vermilion on Prachi’s forehead despite being married and urge Ranbeer to do the honours.

The Police Inspector agrees to not arrest Ranbeer and his family if he applies the vermilion to Prachi and Pallavi tells Ranbeer to do the same.

Ranbeer looks towards Rhea, tells her that his actions are for the sake of his family and applies the vermilion on Prachi’s forehead.

Smug upon winning the challenge she had given to Pallavi, Prachi seeks blessings from the elders with Ranbeer and gives a fitting reply to Pallavi.

Prachi lords her victory in the challenge over Rhea, and Vikram and Daljeet stand in support of her. When the Inspector comes to arrest Rhea, Rhea warns Prachi that she is making the biggest mistake of her life and vows to exact revenge from her!

Later, Prachi feels conflicted about Rhea’s arrest and pours her heart out to Daljeet. Daljeet lovingly consoles her and states that her actions could set Rhea on the right path.

In the lock-up, Rhea fumes about her condition and losing to Prachi. She thinks about Ranbeer and Prachi being together and loses her temper on a fellow inmate.

Meanwhile, the NGO’s women counsel Ranbeer and he profusely apologises to Prachi for his actions. To appease her, Ranbeer performs sit-ups as well and compels Prachi to accept his apology and to embrace him in front of the NGO’s women.

Later, the duo sets out for the Kohli house in a Taxi and Ranbeer questions why Prachi was not wearing the vermilion when she had arrived at the Police Station? Prachi recalls how Pallavi had washed off her vermilion, but remains mum in front of Ranbeer.

Later, Vikram assures Pallavi that Rhea will get bailed out soon by their lawyer.

When Prachi enters the house with Ranbeer, Pallavi stops her and condemns her for getting Rhea arrested! Pallavi deems Prachi’s actions disgustful and states that she used underhanded ways to compel Ranbeer into applying the vermilion on her forehead!

Prachi reminds Pallavi how she had washed off her vermilion and her words leave Ranbeer shocked. Enraged, he criticises Pallavi’s actions along with Vikram and walks away.

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