At night, on getting confronted by Pallavi, Vikram tells her that she is not doing justice to Prachi and tries to make her realise her mistake. However, when Pallavi refuses to see the error in her ways, Vikram leaves the room and goes to sleep in the guest room.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer tells Prachi that while she doesn’t want to get closer to him, she can’t see him getting close to anyone else either. He also calls out Prachi for deliberately spoiling his honeymoon with Rhea! A vulnerable Prachi tries to retaliate, but Ranbeer’s words leave her speechless.

The next morning, Rhea returns to the Kohli house after getting bailed out and tries to make Prachi jealous by getting close to Ranbeer. The stress of the situation gets to Prachi, and she begins experiencing pain in her abdomen. Worried for her baby, she leaves breakfast mid-way to visit her Doctor, while Rhea gets suspicious of her.

Rhea decides to follow Prachi and gets shocked on seeing her entering a maternity house.

Later, Rhea follows Prachi in the hospital, while Pallavi confronts Ranbeer.

Rhea follows Prachi into the maternity hospital and sees her interacting with the Nurse. She manipulates the Nurse into revealing the name of the Doctor Prachi is meeting and goes to spy on her.

Meanwhile, Aaliya berates Pallavi for asking Ranbeer if he still has feelings for Prachi? She tells Pallavi to stop fanning the flames of Ranbeer’s attraction towards Prachi and to make him realise that Rhea is his responsibility!

Back at the hospital, the Doctor examines Prachi and reveals that she has developed some complications.

Rhea peeps into the Doctor’s cabin and hears her advising Prachi to take care of the baby.

Meanwhile, Ranbeer senses Prachi’s distress and feels compelled to be by her side. He confides in Vikram about his dilemma and Vikram advises him to work on strengthening his bond with Prachi.

Soon, the Doctor catches Rhea looking into the room and asks if she’s here for appointment as well? Rhea tells her she’s with Prachi.

Prachi gets stunned on seeing her. As the Doctor leaves, Rhea condemns Prachi for hiding a news of this magnitude!

Sahana saves the situation by stating that she is pregnant and Ranbeer knows about her condition as well. When Rhea mocks Sahana for being an unwed mother, Prachi gives her a fitting reply and leaves.

Prachi thanks Sahana for protecting her secret and Sahana reveals how she got to the hospital.

Later, Rhea asks Ranbeer about Sahana’s pregnancy and Ranbeer confirms that he knew about it beforehand. However, Rhea suspects that Sahana is concealing Prachi’s pregnancy and decides to uncover the secret!

Rhea suspects why Prachi is showing symptoms of pregnancy if it is Sahana who is pregnant? She brings a duplicate key in Pallavi’s wardrobe to Prachi’s room when she doesn’t open the door, but Prachi opens the door beforehand and confronts her.

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