Knowing that Rhea suspects she is pregnant, Prachi takes the pregnancy pills along and with her while going to meet Daljeet with Sahana. She tells Sahana about Rhea’s suspicions and that she is worried about her baby.

Sahana calms Prachi and takes her to meet Daljeet, who tells Ranbeer and Prachi to become friends.

When the duo refuses, Daljeet reminds them that it is Vikram and Pallavi’s anniversary the next day and she doesn’t want them to fight. To make the day special for Vikram and Pallavi, Ranbeer and Pallavi agree to bury the hatchet temporarily.

Later, Daljeet, Sahana, Ranbeer and Prachi divide the anniversary preparations amongst themselves, and Rhea fumes on seeing them together. Furious, she comes across Prachi’s room and finds a strip of pregnancy pills in the dustbin. When Prachi’s phone beeps, Rhea gets shocked on seeing that Siddharth has messaged Prachi. On reading the message, Rhea assumes that Prachi is pregnant with Siddharth’s baby and tells Aaliya about it. The scheming duo decides to bring the truth in front of the Kohlis!

The day of Vikram and Pallavi’s anniversary dawns, and Daljeet blesses the Couple and tells them about the party being thrown for them.

Ranbir admires Prachi while she’s working. She turns towards him and he acts like he’s talking to someone and trips over the decorations. Prachi holds him and they both look at each other. She drops him and he falls down. He asks why would she do that and she tells it’s because he was smiling and thinking a lot. He tells he’ll take revenge for this! Then, Prachi and Ranbir wish Vikram and Pallavi a happy anniversary.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she called a Doctor to do a checkup on Prachi so that she can expose her.

Dadi tells Vikram and Pallavi that they should come back down later when everything is ready.

Rhea thinks of sedating Prachi and informs her plan to Aaliya. Rhea mixes the powder in the juice and then Neeti takes it to give it to Prachi.

Sahana teases Prachi with Ranbir and tells their relationship is getting better now. Prachi tells it’s nothing like that between them as she doesn’t care about him and her only goal is to not let Rhea and Ranbir become one whereas he can be with another woman and she wouldn’t care! Sahana asks her if Prachi will be fine if she dates Ranbir and Prachi asks her to stop joking!

Neeti gives the juice to Prachi and she drinks it. Rhea smiles and then goes and asks Ranbir what’s he planning on gifting Pallavi and Vikram?

Prachi faints and Ranbir panics and rushes towards her. Rhea tells she called the Doctor.

Sudha comes home and Rhea asks her to do the blood test to check for pregnancy. Sudha tells everyone that she fainted because she didn’t eat anything.

Ranbir asks Prachi to rest and Rhea thinks she will take revenge no matter what! Prachi wonders why Rhea was acting like she cared?

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