Later, Ranbir asks Prachi if she can love him again as he promises to not break her heart. Prachi holds his face and looks at him. He tells it’s difficult to live by staying far from her. Prachi apologises and cries. She asks him to meet her on the terrace at 9pm. He agrees and tells he wants to shift his belongings to her room.

Aaliya introduces the NGO women as her friends to Pallavi and Vikram. They wish them a Happy Anniversary.

Vikram notices someone and leaves. He calls someone and tells he saw him and asks him to stay there.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that these women are from the NGO and not her friends and tells they’ll expose Prachi! The NGO women ask Pallavi if Aaliya’s story is true or not? Pallavi tells it’s the truth and Prachi has ruined their lives!

The NGO women assure that they’ll do everything they can!

Vikram meets Siddharth and asks him what’s he doing here, as he can’t be here? He hugs Vikram and asks how’s he doing? He tells he’s fine and asks why he never called him? Siddharth tells he just thought of calling him, but couldn’t bring himself to as he knew Vikram thought ill of him. Vikram tells he did think like that after seeing him and Prachi together, but then realised he was quick to judge them, as they told they were unconscious and someone was framing them.

Siddharth tells it was none other than Rhea. Vikram tells he forgives him, but isn’t forgiving him for not calling him. Siddharth tells he missed him a lot. Pallavi comes so he sneaks out of the room.

Siddharth pulls Prachi into the room and Rhea wonders who’s that person? Prachi tells she’s going to tell Ranbir about her pregnancy so she’s happy. Siddharth also becomes happy. She asks what’s he doing here? He thinks of not telling her about his business problems.

Rhea walks towards the room and recognises Siddharth’s voice. Siddharth tells he came to meet her baby and Rhea is shocked and thinks it’s their baby. Prachi feels dizzy and Siddharth holds her and Rhea takes their photo.

Rhea shows Aaliya the photos. Neeti comes and tells someone’s searching for her. Rhea goes to meet the Driver to collect the reports and he tells that he gave the reports to Ranbir and Rhea panics. She bumps into Ranbir intentionally and the envelope falls down. She doesn’t find the reports. Rhea and Aaliya search for the report.

Prachi tells Ranbir they won’t be separate from now on and they both look at each other. They’re interrupted by Pallavi’s call and Ranbir tells her to wait for him and goes down.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that Vikram, Prachi, Aaliya and Rhea are nowhere to be seen. Ranbir tells Vikram must be drinking and Prachi and Aaliya comes and Ranbir tells they’re here now. Pallavi asks Aaliya where’s Rhea and she tells Rhea is resting as she twisted her feet.

Prachi and Ranbir stand together and the NGO women see them together and get shocked.

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