Aaliya tells them that Prachi is again getting close to Ranbir and she won’t ever miss the chance to come close to him and tells that that’s her plan so that she can tell Ranbir that the child she’s carrying is his, even though it’s not. The women thank Aaliya for informing them the truth as they’ll expose Prachi’s truth!

Prachi asks Ranbir to meet her at the terrace and leaves. He gets happy thinking it’s a piece of good news.

Pallavi gives him a paper and tells him this contains the list given by the caterer and asks him to go through it once. Ranbir agrees and keeps it in his pocket.

Sahana tells that Rhea must be plotting something. Prachi comes and tells that Rhea can’t do anything. She tells she’ll fill her life again with love.

Pallavi comes and asks Vikram if he’s hiding something? Vikram tells he just doesn’t like a few of her decisions and tells her to enjoy with Rhea.

Rhea asks Aaliya if she found the report and she says no. Rhea tells she can’t let Prachi win and calls the Doctor and asks what’s the result of the report? The Doctor tells Prachi is pregnant. Rhea smiles and asks her to come to announce the happy news to everyone at the party.

Rhea tells Aaliya that whomever informs Ranbir of Prachi’s pregnancy first will have an advantage. She explains that if he hears it from Prachi first, he would believe her, and they will be powerless to intervene. She claims that the first person to tell is the winner, while the second person is only a defender. She meant to convey that if she tells Ranbir about Prachi’s pregnancy, it will come as a shock to him, and he will be perplexed as to why Prachi has kept it a secret until now.

She goes on to say that no matter how much Prachi defends herself and refers to the kid as Ranbir’s, Ranbir will not trust her. She informs Aaliya that she has phoned the Doctor home with the duplicate reports, and that they would receive the pregnancy confirmation very soon. Aaliya encourages Rhea to win it this time and not let Prachi leave with Ranbir. Rhea is encouraged by her.

Rhea goes to get everyone’s attention because she has some important news to deliver. She explains that it’s about her gorgeous sister, and that they’ll be able to see Prachi’s distinct flair. She makes the big announcement.

Prachi has a feeling Rhea is going to reveal her pregnancy. She simply wants to take Ranbir with her and inform him of their baby’s arrival.

Prachi and Ranbir have a private conversation. Ranbir is interested in hearing what Rhea has to say. Ranbir asks Prachi to tell the truth about what Prachi is going to tell. Prachi says it’s too late for the truth to come. Ranbir asks her if she has any illness and starts crying. The Doctor looks at them.

Rhea announces and tells the surprise is finally due and asks Prachi to come in the front. She tries to find the photos of Prachi but couldn’t find them. She tells Prachi is pregnant and she’s hiding it from everyone as maybe the father is Siddharth. Everyone gets shocked and Rhea asks the Doctor to confirm it.

The Doctor comes and tells that Rhea is lying. Rhea tells that the report stated that Prachi’s pregnant. The Doctor asks her where’s the report and tells everyone that Rhea threatened her to lie about Prachi being pregnant!

Pallavi yells at Rhea for creating drama and Vikram also scolds her.

Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and tells he loves his wife. The NGO women tell that now they got to know the truth, as Ranbir loves Prachi and blacken Rhea’s face and tell this is what they had in mind to do but now they’re doing it on the right person!

Everyone gets stunned and Prachi asks the ladies to stop and tells they’ll sort things out themselves and asks them to leave. She starts cleaning Rhea’s face but she pushes Prachi away and tells she won’t spare her and leaves.

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