Rhea and Aaliya go to the NGO and create drama over there. They both cry and say they’re helpless. The NGO ladies ask them what happened?Aaliya tells Prachi snatched Rhea’s husband and her mom also abandoned her. Rhea says Ranbir left her and married Prachi and she ended up marrying Siddharth but Prachi started flirting with him which was why Ranbir threw her out of the house. She tells then Ranbir then got married to her, but Prachi started creating problems. She tells them that Prachi is pregnant with Siddharth‘s child.

Ranbir gets food for Prachi. She says she doesn’t want to eat, so he takes the first bite and tells her that he didn’t mix anything to it. Prachi says she didn’t even think about it and then he makes her eat.

The NGO ladies ask Rhea if she’s completely sure about her claims? Rhea tells them she will expose the truth at the party later and asks them for their help and they agree.

Sahana comes and Prachi says she’ll eat by herself so Ranbir leaves.

Prachi tells Sahana that she’s planning on telling Ranbir that she’s pregnant with a surprise and asks her to decorate the terrace.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir has feelings for Prachi and fumes with anger. Aaliya tells once Ranbir gets to know Prachi is pregnant and the father is Siddharth, then he’ll stop loving her.

Pallavi and Vikram come and Rhea wishes them a happy anniversary. Prachi wishes them too, but Pallavi recalls her words and walks away.

Ranbir announces that there’s no love if there’s no fight between a Couple and he understood that through his Parents. He conveys his wishes and raises a toast to their chemistry.

Ranbir asks Vikram and Pallavi to dance and they dance. Prachi tells she wants to dance and Ranbir tells her he’ll inform the DJ as even he’ll dance if she will dance too. Prachi is happy and Rhea walks away fuming.

Rhea calls the Doctor and enquires about Prachi’s report? The Doctor tells her the Driver is arriving with the reports.

Dadi notices the NGO women and asks Pallavi who are they and she replies she doesn’t know.

Ranbir and Prachi dance and Aaliya informs the NGO women that Prachi is dancing with Ranbir. He asks Prachi what made her dance with him? She tells she said only she wanted to dance. He asks her to show some love towards him and Pallavi gets angry looking at them and Vikram smiles.

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