The Doctor leaves, but Prachi goes behind her and thanks her for not revealing her secret and recalls her telling the Doctor that she hasn’t informed Ranbir yet and wants to do it at the right time. The Doctor tells it’s fine as she didn’t want Rhea to win and tells she took an oath to protect the baby and the mother when she became a Doctor.

Sahana tells she deleted the photos from Rhea’s phone. Prachi thanks her and hugs her.

Rhea smashes things in her room while trying to wipe away the ink from her face. Rhea wiped her face and Aaliya enters the room. She yells and asks how did their plan fail and how did Ranbir and Prachi end up being together even after whatever they try to do??? She asks where did the report go as she was definitely not lying as she heard the Doctor tell Prachi that she’s pregnant and gets angry at how their plan failed. Aaliya asks her to calm down and Rhea asks her if she’s on Prachi’s side??

Aaliya asks her how could she even think like that? Rhea tells she’s not understanding anything and tells Aaliya that she won’t understand what she’s going through as her husband left her! Aaliya slaps and tells her to plan on her own and leaves. Rhea throws things around in anger.

The next day, Pallavi and Vikram do the aarti for Mahashivratri. Pallavi asks Rhea to do the aarti with Ranbir and thinks she won’t let Prachi take her place.

Prachi and Ranbir start chatting and Rhea comes and asks her to stay away! Prachi tells she doesn’t care about her and leaves.

Rhea asks Ranbir why doesn’t he say anything to Prachi and he tells he doesn’t want to interfere and warns her to never try to harm Prachi again as he wouldn’t have spared her if not for Prachi!

Aaliya sees her and takes her to her room and tells Rhea that they keep failing at their plans as they challenge Prachi. She tells Rhea to surprise Prachi with her plans instead of challenging her. Rhea agrees. Aaliya tells her to mix a tablet she’ll give in Ranbir’s drink so she can take him to the room and finish their honeymoon. Rhea smiles and tells now she won’t lose!

At the Mahashivratri celebration, Ranbeer flirts with Prachi while she speaks to Sahana, but sensing the situation, Sahana sneakily slips away.

Vikram sways in glee in his drunken stupour, and Pallavi playfully chides him. Ranbeer asks Prachi if she will love and care for him the same way when they grow old, but she shies away before replying. A guest interrupts him and Prachi runs away.

Rhea tries to make Ranbeer drink the drugged thandai, but Vikram chimes in and drinks it in a single gulp. Later, Rhea brings her another drugged thandai, but Vikram again mistakenly throws it away, spoiling Rhea’s dress. As Ranbeer asks her if she is okay, Prachi watches with envy and walks to the corridor.

As a final attempt, Aaliya makes another drugged thandai and this time, Ranbeer drinks it.

Ranbeer follows after and teases Prachi for being jealous. They playfully argue and Ranbeer drags her to dance with him and Vikram joins in, along with Pallavi. The drugs symptoms begin to show up on Ranbeer.

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