Aaliya asks Rhea to take Ranbeer away, but she points to the lack of an opportunity.

The Cops arrive to question Aaliya regarding a road accident and Rhea and Aaliya begin to argue with the Policeman.

Meanwhile, Prachi, feeling low, heads to her bedroom to take rest after having her medication. Soon after, Ranbeer, still under the drug’s effect, enters her room and lays down beside her. Ranbir says he loves Prachi and she asks him what did he say?

Rhea doesn’t spot Prachi and Ranbir and looks for them. Rhea finds them both sleeping in her room and yells at Prachi. She wakes up and asks Rhea why’s she shouting? Rhea asks her if she’s not ashamed to sleep with her sister’s husband and asks her why did she bring Ranbir to her room?? Prachi tells she’s not understanding anything and asks her to take whatever she wants from the room and leave. Rhea takes Ranbir to her room and Prachi goes back to sleep.

Sahana confronts Rhea and asks her why did she bring Ranbir with her? She tells a husband and wife to sleep together.

Sahana goes to Prachi and informs her that Rhea is with Ranbir and she’s planning to celebrate her honeymoon. Prachi tells she’s drowsy after taking the tablet and sleeps.

Pallavi comes and tells no one will disturb Rhea and Ranbir as they’re both married and warns Sahana to mind their business.

Vikram wakes up hungover and calls Rishi and invites him to come over for the holi party and he agrees.

The next morning, Prachi wakes up and sees Sahana sitting beside her worried and asks what’s wrong. She tells maybe Rhea celebrated her honeymoon with Ranbir.

Rhea tells Aaliya that she and Ranbir couldn’t complete their honeymoon as he slept off. Aaliya tells everyone doesn’t need to know that and asks Rhea to go back and sleep next to him as she’ll bring Pallavi and act up.

Then, Prachi runs to the room and gets shocked looking at them both. Pallavi gets happy and Rhea acts like she just woke up and gets shocked. Aaliya tells they shouldn’t disturb them.

Ranbir waited up and gets shocked seeing Rhea and leaves feeling disappointed.

Shahana wishes everyone happy Holi. She meets Prachi who is in pain. She asks if she should call a Doctor? Prachi asks for water. She wants to take her medicines.

The Kohlis also wish each other happy Holi. Vikram tells them that their Kohli holi party will be in every newspaper. He asks Ranbir not to work on the festive day. Ranbir meets the family and is very happy. He wishes them. He tells that he wasn’t working, but was checking the guests lists on the holi event. He tells about the Oberois and special guests coming.

Ranbir waits for Prachi. Prachi calls up the Doctor. She tells about her breathing problem and stomach pain. The Doctor suggests her to not take stress. She tells that Prachi should laugh and stay happy even in stress. She asks Prachi to avoid the complications. She advises Prachi to avoid Holi colours also. She tells that just organic colours should be used. Prachi thanks her.

Prachi doesn’t know how she will refuse to people when they come to apply Holi. She doesn’t want to take any risk with her baby.

Dadi wishes them happy Holi. Prachi refuses to play Holi. Prachi joins the Happy Holi event for the sake of her baby, to stay happy.

Pallavi wishes Rhea. Rhea acts shy and blushing. She tells that she wanted to play holi with Ranbir first. Pallavi wishes her happiness.

Prachi thinks to leave and avoid colours. She doesn’t want Ranbir and Rhea to know about her pregnancy. She recalls Ranbir and Rhea’s intimacy. She wanted to tell him about their baby, but now she thinks he doesn’t deserve it.

Ranbir comes in her way to apply colours on her. She changes her path and avoids him in anger. She doesn’t want to talk to him. Ranbir asks her not to be so rude. She asks him to stay happy with Rhea. She suggests that he finds happiness in Rhea. She warns him to stay away. Ranbir wants to convince Prachi. He can’t tolerate her silence and annoyance.

Dadi asks Shahana why is Prachi avoiding Holi when she loves Holi a lot? She finds Prachi really tensed. She asks Shahana if Prachi is hiding some fear? Shahana knows the reason. She thinks to get organic colours for Prachi and make her play. She drops the holi colours down and pretends to get hurt. She apologizes to Kohlis that the colours fell down by mistake.

Pallavi asks her how will they play Holi?? Rhea and Aaliya also scold Shahana.

Ranbir tells that he will get fresh colours. Aaliya asks Shahana to go and get the colours! Shahana tells that she is ready to go. Ranbir asks Rhea to relax. He assists Shahana.

Prachi handles the arrangements in the house. Ranbir meets her and reminds her of their last Holi. She tells him that he had a right on her before, but now she has taken all the rights back. She denies to love him. He tells that he loves her, her love hurts him and also gives him the right. She asks him to go to Rhea. He tells that Prachi is his wife. He doesn’t care what she thinks. He tells that he is just adamant for Prachi. He wants to play the first colours of the Holi with her. Prachi cries. Aaliya keeps an eye on them.

Shahana buys the organic colours. She gets teased by a man. Lakshmi intervenes and slaps the man. She lectures the man and makes him apologize. She saves Shahana. Shahana invites him to the Holi party.

Kohlis meet Oberois and welcomes them. Ranbir loves fun loving Ayush. Rhea introduces herself as Ranbir’s wife, Rhea Kohli.

Prachi appears there. Ayush asks about her. Rhea doesn’t let Prachi answer. Shahana asks Prachi to meet Lakshmi. The man follows them to the house.

Rhea is angry seeing Ranbir going mad for Prachi and playing holi with her. Ranbir and Prachi perform in the party.

Malishka asks Rishi why are they here? He tells her that they came to play Holi. She asks when did he apply colours to her and he tells when everyone was running and playing. She starts talking about Lakshmi. He interrupts and asks her not to bring her up as they have already hurt her so much.

Rhea yells at Prachi to stay away from Ranbir! Prachi tells she is not behind him and asks her if she has no love for her sister? Rhea says no. Prachi asks her to leave. She starts crying and tells Ranbir betrayed her and that all his promises were fake!

Rhea goes to her room and cries. Aaliya asks her why she’s crying? She says she doesn’t get what she wants and is hurt by Ranbir as he played Holi with Prachi! Aaliyah asks her to stop crying and Rhea tells she’ll make sure to take away Prachi’s happiness!

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