Prachi wakes up and wonders why the alarm didn’t ring as she woke up so late. Sahana goes and tells Dadi that she thinks Rhea drugged Ranbir and slept with him and Dadi promises her to find out the truth and prove Ranbir’s innocence as she’s sure he loves Prachi.

Rhea goes and tells Aaliya that Ranbir was in her room as he knows she did something and starts panicking. Aaliya asks her to calm down.

On the other hand, Prachi tells Ranbir that she knows he was the one who switched off her alarm and asks him if he slept beside her? He tells he slept in the washroom as he’s aware of how she’d react and asks if she has a problem? She tells she would’ve slept with her husband unlike him and he asks her to stop taunting him.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Ranbir was checking her wardrobe and told he was only looking for his shirt but she knows he’s lying as he can’t lie properly and tells her life is ruined if Ranbir  gets to know. They decide to find out if Ranbir was lying or not.

Prachi recalls Ranbir’s words and goes to talk to him.

Rhea and Aaliya come and check Ranbir’s wardrobe while he’s taking a bath. They find the T-shirt he claimed to be searching for in Rhea’s room in his wardrobe and Rhea tells that Ranbir was searching for proof as he doubts her.

Prachi comes to the room and Rhea asks her what’s she doing here? Prachi tells she came to talk to Ranbir and Rhea taunts her.

Ranbir comes out and asks what’re they doing in his room? Rhea shows him the shirt and tells she found the shirt he was looking for and leaves. Rhea tells Aaliya that she needs to know why Ranbir is doubting her.

Prachi tells Ranbir that he lied to her about him being a man who loves only one woman. He tells he didn’t lie as he still only loves one woman and that’s her. She asks him to stop lying and he tells he’s not lying as he’s looking at her face and telling the truth. He tells he doesn’t care about Rhea but he will love Prachi forever no matter what. She tells she doesn’t love him and he tells it’s fine and talks about him dying and Prachi slaps him and gets teary eyed. He tells he was just saying that even if he dies, he won’t let their love die and tells her that she could only raise hand to him as their relationship means something to her as well. He tells he’ll prove his innocence and she leaves.

Sahana comes and hugs Ranbir and tells she’ll help him discover the truth. Then, Sahana finds Preeti with Rhea’s room’s dustbin and asks her to bring water for her.

Preeti goes and Sahana finds the medicine and thinks of taking a photo.

Later, Aaliya and Rhea also find the dustbin and find the medicine there and thinks of destroying it. Aaliya asks Rhea to get rid of the tablets.

Sahana goes to Prachi and shows her the tablets and mixes them with juice and drinks it. She behaves sloppy and Prachi asks her what’s wrong with her. Sahana starts laughing and Prachi leaves to get kaada for her.

Rhea tells she’s feeling scared that they might get caught. Aaliya assures her that nothing will happen and Rhea says she’s still feeling scared.

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