Pallavi comes and asks why’s Rhea scared? Aaliya says that Rhea is scared about her future as she doesn’t even stay with Ranbir in the same room despite being his wife. Pallavi says this is a very small issue and asks Rhea to pack her bags and shift to Ranbir’s room. Rhea gets happy and hugs Pallavi.

Ranbir goes to Prachi and she asks him what does he want? He ties the sacred thread on her hand and says it’s for her safety and they both look at each other. He tells he’s feeling hungry but that she won’t believe him. He leaves after informing her that he will prove his innocence to her soon and will handle her hatred few more days. Prachi prepares the kaada for Sahana.

Ranbir comes to his room and asks why is Rhea’s clothes in his wardrobe? Pallavi says Rhea and he will stay together. Ranbir is shocked and leaves. Rhea asks him where’s he going and he tells her he’ll be back.

Rambir goes and informs Prachi that Rhea is shifting to his room and asks her to stop her. She asks him only to do it. He asks her to say that she’ll shift to his room but she replies that she won’t and leaves. He thinks he should talk to Rhea about this.

Prachi comes to give the kadha for Sahana but doesn’t spot her in her room. Then, she reads Dadi’s note saying she took Sahana with her as she was acting crazy.

Ranbir enters his room and Rhea tells him she changed everything according to his likes. He tells them they can’t stay in the same room as he doesn’t believe in their marriage.

Prachi stops in front of his room. Ranbir notices her through the mirror and tells he’s not a kid so he’s telling her firmly that they can’t sleep in the same bed.

Rhea asks him how can he say that despite them being married. Ranbir tells that’s his decision and hopes Prachi will step in and stand with him.

Prachi enters the room and recalls seeing them sleeping together and walks away. Ranbir gets shocked. Rhea tells he hurt her by saying that and Ranbir tells he could never keep her happy as he doesn’t love her and tells they can’t sleep together as he still loves Prachi. Rhea tells they can sleep in the same room but separately as one can sleep on the couch and the other on the bed. Ranbir asks her to tell that to Pallavi as he doesn’t want people to think otherwise and leaves. Rhea thinks she will get Prachi out of his life soon!

Sahana cries and tells no one understands Ranbir. Prachi asks her to stop taking his side and gives her kadha.

Prachi comes and tells Ranbir that she can’t forgive him for sleeping with Rhea. He tells he didn’t sleep with her and promises her to prove his innocence.

Rhea tells Aaliyah about her fight with Ranbir. Rhea tells Aaliya that she felt bad when Ranbir told that he’s still stuck with Prachi. Aaliya tells her not to worry and asks her to fight for her love.

Prachi opens the door so Ranbir can come sleep in her room on the sofa and thinks she won’t let him sleep on the bed.

Ranbir tries to sleep in the study room but couldn’t.

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