Prachi tells she won’t be doing this all the time and he tells it’s fine and sticks her saree tip to his watch and tells it reminds him of college days. Prachi tells everything between them is over as he was the one who ended their relationship and asks him to go to his room since he finished eating. She tells him that they won’t patch up and tells him to never have that hope. He tells he feels hurt when she talks like this but he feels even more peaceful when he looks at her so, he will bear everything in the name of love. He tells he won’t ever stop loving her and apologises.

Pallavi and Rhea comes and ask what’s happening? Prachi tells she was having dinner with Ranbir. Pallavi yells and asks Ranbir why he is with her and accuses Prachi of running behind him! Ranbir says Prachi doesn’t find excuses to talk to him but he does because he loves her. He tells he wants to be with her and regrets marrying Rhea and tells Rhea that he had already told her that their relationship means nothing! Rhea walks away angrily.

Then, Vikram comes and Pallavi tells him that Ranbir questioned her motherhood and they all continue arguing.

Pallavi tells Ranbir his safety is her top most priority. She has migraine problems due to crying and he is blaming her telling she is a bad mother.

Prachi says she has seen Pallavi’s anger but it is the first time she is seeing her tears, and she’s the reason.

Rhea tells Aaliya that all relations are fake to her. It is all about give and take. She wants to be on the receiving end. She wants Ranbir’s love and that can’t happen till Prachi leaves!

Prachi tells Dadi and Shahana that Pallavi cried today. Dadi tells her she did nothing wrong and that what’s happening to her is wrong.

Vikram brings Pallavi to the room and Ranbir comes in. Pallavi tells him it doesn’t feel like he is her son but someone else. Pallavi tells him that he’s changed and that he grew apart from them when they didn’t accept Prachi. Ranbir tells her no one can keep him apart from her but it is them who’s keeping him afar. Ranbir recalls Pallavi’s words and starts crying.

Prachi comes and tells him not to fight because of her. Ranbir tells her she came back because she wanted her rights and to steal his peace. He tells her he doesn’t understand anything. He sometimes feels as if she loves him but sometimes stays away from him. He feels like he’s the reason for everyone’s unhappiness. He is in between his mother and his wife. He wants to take a final decision and leave from there. Ranbir asks her to tell him something.  He tells he can understand that she doesn’t want to be with him and walks away.

Prachi calls out to Ranbir when he leaves the room.

Sahana tells Dadi that Rhea has won. Dadi tells they should do the Satyanarayana prayer and Ranbir and Prachi will be happy together. Sahana says that is possible only when Rhea leaves.

Ranbir and Prachi think about each other.

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