Prachi thinks he won’t come and gets angry and walks to the study room.

Ranbir goes to Prachi’s room but doesn’t find her. He thinks of having a bath there and goes inside the bathroom.

Prachi doesn’t find him in the study room so thinks he must be with Rhea and goes to check her room.

Sahana comes and asks what’s she doing and tells she has a bad headache. Prachi tells her that she’s checking if Ranbir is sleeping with Rhea. Sahana knocks on the door and Rhea opens the door and asks them what happened as they disturbed her sleep? Sahana goes and falls on her bed. Rhea asks Prachi if she came to check if Ranbir is sleeping with her as she’s insecure? Prachi tells she might be a little jealous and tells she provoked her so now she might do anything that won’t be good for her and walks away. Sahana tells Rhea that provoking Prachi was a mistake.

They go to Prachi’s room and Sahana tells it’s cute how she got jealous.

Ranbir comes out and tells that’s nice to hear, he looks at the pillow and bed sheet on the sofa, and tells he knows she was waiting for him. She tells it’s her room so she can sleep anywhere. He pulls her cheeks and tells she’s too cute and asks her to make breakfast and leaves.

Rhea sees him coming out of Prachi’s room and thinks she needs to separate them!

Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to gain her trust and will prove that he’s trustable very soon. He tells seeing her jealous made him feel happy and fall in love with her more as after a long time, she’s portraying these emotions evidently. Prachi tells there’s no love between them and Ranbir tells she can only stop his love by stopping his heart as he’ll love her till the very end of his life. She tells no and looks at him teary-eyed. He walks back and smiles.

Rhea bumps into him and asks him if he’s going to the office as she planned to go out on a movie date and later have candlelight dinner together. He asks her to stop behaving like they’re a couple and tells her that she can stop acting as neither Prachi nor Pallavi is around to see her. Rhea asks him what does he mean and he asks her to stay away from him as there are no feelings between them. Rhea tells Prachi gets jealous because they have something going on between them and tells they’re friends as well. Ranbir tells her that they have nothing between them and walks away thinking Prachi gets jealous whenever he’s with Rhea and smiles.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and recalls his words and promises.

Sahana comes and asks her what is she thinking and Prachi tells her that Ranbir was confessing his love. Sahana tells he is not lying and makes her understand that Ranbir loves her a lot. They both argue about this and Prachi thinks maybe Sahana is right and thinks about being a good mother. Sahana tells Prachi about Rhea spiking Ranbir’s drink and they both confront Rhea about it.

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