At the Office, Jay asks about Ranbeer’s mood and Ranbeer tells him about Prachi’s behaviour and his own mistake with Rhea. As Jay begins to judge him for his actions, Ranbeer clarifies that he committed the mistake under the influence of a mysterious drug. Jay then deduces that someone must have spiked his thandai, and Ranbeer realizes the possibility.

Rhea haphazardly comes to Aaliya and tells her about Prachi and Sahana’s suspicion and their knowledge of her Mahashivratri ploy. Aaliya assures her that since they haven’t told Ranbeer about it, it must be a half-baked suspicion and they must be looking for more proof.

While sitting in her car at the house’s parking space, Aaliya overhears Ranbeer asking the guard for all the CCTV footage of the Mahashivratri day. Panicked, she tries to contact Rhea and tell her about it while driving.

On her way, she runs into Preeti’s boyfriend, Nick. She finds out that he has been in trouble for drinking and driving, and subsequently crashing his car into another’s. He asks her to pay for a bribe for the Policemen, and she complies. Nick promises to return the favour someday. Aaliya dismisses him for the time being.

Back at home, Rhea emotionally vents to Pallavi about Prachi and Ranbeer’s growing proximity. She then blames her for not being strict with Ranbeer when he married Prachi. She further tells her that she is completely alone and manipulates Pallavi.

Rhea cries and tells Pallavi that she has no one to share her feelings with as she has lost everyone from her family and Prachi is against her and even Ranbir doesn’t consider her as his wife. She folds her hands and pleads Pallavi. She tells Rhea not to worry and cries and says she’ll help her. Rhea smirks and wipes her tears off.

Then, Ranbir eats and says the food is really tasty. Prachi tells she didn’t prepare it and he tells she heated the food and gave it to him and that was enough for him to get the feels again.

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