Aaliya and Rhea go to Nick’s house. Rhea tells him that she heard that he had been caught by the Police for theft. He tells her not to fire Preeti because of that.

Aaliya reminds him that she gave him Rs 10,000 and it is time to return the favour. He tells them he went to jail for Rs 300,000. Rhea asks him if he will murder someone for Rs 600,000.

Prachi goes to the terrace and thinks the baby will soon unite with Ranbir.

Ranbir goes to the terrace and drinks beer. Prachi says she doesn’t want to go with him, she doesn’t want to be away from the family. He tells he doesn’t care about her as he’s letting her go since she only came to take his happiness away and she succeeded in that. Prachi is shocked to hear this.

Nick asks Aaliya who he has to murder? Rhea shows Prachi’s picture. She tells him that Prachi lives in their house and they’ll make sure he won’t get caught. She asks him to finish the work tomorrow as there will be a lot of people. He demands more and they agree to give him Rs 800,000.

Prachi tells Sahana she will always remember what Ranbir said. Sahana tells her that Ranbir is innocent and that he is stuck between family.

Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbir can prove himself innocent in front of the world, but she is sure that he has moved on with Rhea. Shahana tells that’s not true as Rhea drugged him on that day. Prachi tells it could have been anyone. Prachi tells her that she’s being realistic and not negative. Shahana tells her that if the accusations against him are proven wrong, then Prachi will come to know she was the only one he loved. Prachi tells if Ranbir proves Rhea wrong and proves himself innocent, then she’ll stop fighting with him.

Vikram comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks him if Pallavi had sent him to vent her anger. Vikram tells Ranbir that he’s his father and asks him what’s wrong? He tells him he fell in love with Prachi and they got married and then he had to marry Rhea and Prachi returned and his fight with Prachi keeps going on and it isn’t getting resolved. Vikram tells him there is fight, love and frustration in relationships. He asks him if he wants to fight with Rhea? Ranbir replies no. Vikram tells him this means that he has feelings for Prachi and that’s why he keeps fighting with her. Vikram tells him to apologise and leaves.

Prachi tells Pallavi that Ranbir loves her very much and she should not pay heed to his words. Pallavi asks Aaliya to tell Prachi to not interfere between them!

Pallavi tells the Priest that Rhea and Ranbir will do the prayer.

Dadi tells Shahana that they should tell Prachi that Rhea wants to sit with Ranbir. Prachi tells she would never let Rhea take her place!

Aaliya gets emotional and tells Rhea that everything shall be over by today and that she should show some fake tears for Prachi. Aaliya calls up Nick. Rhea tells Prachi made her evil and put her in this situation!

Ranbir goes to Pallavi and asks how she is? She asks if he took permission from Prachi to see how his mother is? He tells he doesn’t want to hurt her and Pallavi asks him to do the prayer if he truly wants to make her happy.

Ranbir gets a call and sees Prachi approaching and gets confused.

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