Shahana and Dadi look at them and they tell each other that they act as if they are fighting but in reality love each other a lot.

Rhea purposefully pushes Shahana and they fight. Dadi tells them not to fight when a prayer is happening at home.

Nick enters the house and spots Prachi. Rhea tells Pallavi that she called him for extra help. Pallavi thinks to herself that there is no extra help needed and why is Rhea iconcerned with such matters?

Nick walks to Preeti and tells her he came to murder Prachi. She gets shocked.

Prachi walks in and asks what’s going on? Then, Shahana bumps into Nick and he apologises and walks away.

Rhea tells him to stay away from Shahana as she is more than just a friend of Prachi’s!

Shahana notices Rhea and Nick and plans to find out what they are up to.

Ranbir tells Jay they should finish the prayer.

Aaliya gives Nick a knife to cut the rope of the chandelier. Rhea walks down thinking she’ll perform the prayer since she’s the daughter-in-law of the house and also Pallavi will help her.

The Priest asks Ranbir to sit down, Pallavi tells him Rhea will sit beside him.

Prachi pushes Rhea aside and asks Ranbir if he wants anyone else? He tells her he wants her.

Rhea shouts at Prachi, who tells her the prayer should be performed by the wife and to leave the Prayer temple! Prachi responds by stating that a crow will not become a peacock simply by shouting that it is a peacock.

Pallavi tells her to come to a halt! Prachi greets Pallavi with a namaste and requests that she does not move from her current position. She claims she doesn’t want to offend anyone. Pallavi instructs Ranbir to rise. Vikram stops him, and Dadi tells him that he doesn’t need to get up. The prayer will be started by the Priest.

Aaliya instructs Nick to cut the rope until the last thread remains. She claims to be able to cut it herself. As you wish, Nick says.

When Pallavi performs Aarti after prayer, she prays to God that Prachi will leave her and Ranbir’s lives. She approaches Vikram and tells him that she was unable to pray to God for wisdom for him. You know what’s right and what’s wrong, but you’re not sure which side to take. Pallavi tells Dadi that she is my mother-in-law, but she is standing on the side of someone who is not my mother-in-law. Dadi claims that she is baffled by Pallavi’s current state.

Prachi and Ranbir make their way beneath the Chandelier. Prachi worships God for the well-being of her family.

Aaliya urges Nick to cut the rope as soon as possible! Nick wonders if Prachi is hiding beneath the chandelier. Aaliya claims to be present, but Ranbir is also present. Aaliya advises that you hurry quickly!

To get Prachi’s phone, Shahana goes to her room. She notices Aaliya and inquires as to what she is viewing? Nick hides by putting a hanky on the cut rope. Aaliya claims it is none of her business what she sees. She inquires as to your purpose for being here. She came here to grab her phone, Shahana. Aaliya cuts the thread’s last rope.

When Ranbir notices the Chandelier falling, he tries to save Prachi. Ranbir saves Prachi at the last possible moment. How did the Chandelier fal, Ranbir inquires.

When Shahana arrives, she notices Nick acting suspiciously. Someone, according to Shahana, cut the Chandelier rope. Nick is pursued by Ranbir. Prachi is taken aback. Nick hurts his foot while running.

Aaliya believes he is a Thief. Rhea thinks it’s fantastic. You turned attempted murder into robbery, Aaliya. Everyone will now go through their belongings. Nick attempts to phone Aaliya, but she hangs up. Aaliya moves to the side and answers the phone. Nick claims to be hurt and requests assistance.

While searching, Ranbir discovers a blood trail, which he follows and discovers Nick. Ranbir outwits him and discovers the truth. When a car approaches, Nick pushes him out of the way and into the vehicle. Ranbir tries to track down the vehicle. Ranbir appears and says that something is happening right now and that some people will be upset.

The Police enter the residence. Ranbir also claims that someone attempted to harm Prachi, therefore he had no choice but to inform the authorities.

Nick tells Aaliya that he told Ranbir about the attempt on Prachi’s life.

Ranbir tells everyone someone tried to hurt Prachi. Rhea tries to convince him it was just a robbery.

Aaliya asks Nick if he took her or Rhea’s name? Nick says no but tells her that Ranbir knows it’s someone from the family.

The Police tells Ranbir they will question the guests first and then the family members.

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