The Police realize that Pallavi doesn’t like Prachi. Prachi forces Ranbir to have first aid.

Pallavi tells the Inspector that he is wasting his time suspecting her. The Inspector asks Rhea what she thinks? Rhea tells him Prachi is annoying and fake. Aaliya tries to stop her but she tells them she wants to kill Prachi! Aaliya tries to cover it up by saying there will be differences between sisters.

The Police take Ranbir aside and tells him someone from his family wants Prachi dead. The Inspector tells him someone hired a goon to do the job. He tells Ranbir to let the culprit lower their guard down and we can catch them at that time.

Vikram apologizes to the guests for the inconvenience.

Prachi goes to her room and calls up the Doctor for a complete check-up. The Doctor tells her to come after 2 days.

Sahana comes in and asks Prachi if she has any idea who tried to harm her? Prachi tells her the Police will catch the Culprit and she will also question them why they did it as she has never harmed anyone. Sahana tells her they must have felt you did something wrong.

Ranbir goes to the Police Station and meets with the Police Inspector. The Inspector asks him if he remembers the killer’s face and he tells them yes. He works with a sketch artist to get the sketch of the killer.

As Nick is doing first aid for his wound, Preeti walks in. She cries and tells him that they should leave everything and this place. He tells her he cannot leave unless he’s paid for the work he did. Preeti asks him how he will get the money as he didn’t complete the job. Nick leaves to go to take the money.

The sketch arrives and it looks exactly like Nick. The Inspector recognises Nick and asks his Constable to retrieve his file but the Constable tells him the file got burnt.

Nick goes in disguise and asks Rhea the money. She tells Nick he won’t get the money since he didn’t do the job! He blackmails her and leaves.

Prachi asks Ranbir to have his food, but he refuses. She tells him she knows he’s angry with her since she didn’t want him to leave the house with her, but she doesn’t want to separate him from his family. Ranbir tells her she’s his family and tells he won’t stay calm until and unless he finds her attacker!

Aaliya stops Rhea from jumping out of the window. She tells Aaliya that Nick is blackmailing her and how is she supposed to give him so much money?? Aaliya tells her she will get money from the locker. Sahana overhears everything.

Aaliya calls up Nick and tells him to collect the money from her. Sahana plans to spy on them.

The Police Informer informs the Inspector that Nick is receiving money from the person who hired him tonight. He tells Ranbir they have a lead.

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