Ranbir is at the Police Station. The Inspector tells him they will surely arrest Nick as the informers are providing good information.

Nick overhears everything and leaves. He gets Prachi’s number from Preethi and calls her and tells her to ask Ranbir to stop chasing him and if he doesn’t, then he’ll attack again, but this time on Ranbir! Prachi gets worried.

The Inspector tells Ranbir that they found Nick’s address and they leave.

Sahana spies on Aaliya and Rhea as they take the money. Rhea tells Aaliya she will truly feel at peace only when Prachi leaves her life!

Prachi calls Ranbir and tells him to come home immediately and not spend his time trying to catch the culprit. He asks her how she knows he was after the culprit? She stammers and he cuts her call.

The Inspector and Ranbir arrive at Nick’s house. They go to check the CCTV footage.

Nick enters Ranbir’s house and messages Rhea that he arrived. Rhea tells Aaliya that Nick is waiting and they go to meet him. Sahana follows them.

Aaliya sees Sahana in the mirror and alerts Rhea. They lock him up in the wardrobe and tell him they will open it when Sahana leaves.

Prachi continues to call Ranbir, but he doesn’t pick up. She then texts him saying she’s hurt. He takes a taxi and rushes back home and is surprised to see that Prachi is completely fine. Ranbir asks her why’s she was stopping him from finding out about the culprit? She tells him she doesn’t want any of his fake love. Ranbir gets angry and scolds her for misleading him!

Aaliya tells Rhea to hide the cash. Rhea tells her it’s better to give Nick the cash when no one is around.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he won’t stop! She stops him from leaving by taking a swear on herself. Ranbir tells her that he will catch the culprit staying home.

Vikram searches for a file and Pallavi tells him it might be in the wardrobe. Nick sees the file inside the wardrobe and gets tensed. Vikram tries to open the wardrobe but tells Pallavi it’s locked. He goes to get the spare key.

Ranbir walks by Pallavi, lost in thoughts. Pallavi asks him what is going on? He tells her that he’s thinking about Nick as he’s the one who attacked Prachi.

Prachi walks towards them and Ranbir leaves. Prachi tells Pallavi that she told Ranbir not to waste his time catching the culprit. Pallavi tells her she thought she was important to her son but he never thinks of her and asks Prachi to stay away!

Sahana goes to Prachi’s room to tells her about Rhea and Aaliya’s plan but finds Prachi crying. Prachi tells she’s crying because of Pallavi and also because Ranbir won’t stop hunting for the attacker. Sahana asks what’s wrong with that? Prachi tells her the attacker threatened to kill Ranbir if he doesn’t stop searching for him. Sahana tells the attacker must be afraid that’s why he doesn’t want to be found.

Aaliya notices Rhea panicking and asks her to calm down. Rhea tells her she can’t let Prachi and Ranbir be together!

Ranbir asks the Inspector to come home so that they can discuss a strategy to catch the attacker.

Later, Ranbir tells Sahana that he just wants to find the one who attacked Prachi and asks her to tell Prachi to stop acting foolish. He tells her he will find the attacker no matter what!

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