Sahana bumps into Dadi. Dadi asks her if Prachi is okay? She assures her Prachi is fine. Dadi tells her to go get water.

Aaliya and Rhea open the wardrobe.

Ranbir worries about Prachi and thinks about the last few days. He vents out his frustration on a punching bag.

Prachi worries for him. Prachi sees Ranbir venting his frustration on the punching bag and asks him to stop. He tells her to go away. She tells him to stop following the culprit. He tells her he has to find the culprit and punish him so that he can’t attack her again. He tells her that he loves her so he wants to protect her. She cries and he promises her to find the attacker.

Aaliya tells Rhea that it’s good that Sahana didn’t notice them. Rhea agrees and tells or else Nick would’ve confessed to trying to kill Prachi. Sahana hears everything and is shocked. She tells them she will tell Ranbir everything! They run behind her to drug her.

Ranbir tells Prachi he will punish the attacker no matter what! She tells him it’s wrong to hurt someone. He tells her he has only 3 dreams in his life. One, to marry her. Two, to begin a start-up and Three to become a father.

Sahana rushes to tell Ranbir everything but Ranbir hears Dadi shouting to catch someone! They see Nick running with a bag. He points the knife at Prachi. Ranbir begs him to spare Prachi.

Aaliya and Rhea use chloroform on Nick and make him unconscious.

Ranbir removes Nick’s fake beard and reveals he was the one who tried to kill Prachi. Rhea uses chloroform on Sahana and makes her unconscious too. Ranbir asks Prachi to take care of her as she’s pregnant.

Rhea worries if Nick will gain consciousness and reveal the truth? Aaliya tells her not to worry as she will explain everything to Nick and get him out of there. She also tells Rhea not to worry about Sahana as she isn’t a big problem.

Pallavi overhears this and asks them what’s the problem with Sahana? Pallavi asks Rhea and Aaliya what they are hiding? They tell her Sahana was acting as if she was falling unconscious and it’s all Prachi’s drama to try to get closer to Ranbir! Pallavi asks them why would Prachi risk her life? Aaliya tells her that’s not important and walks away.

Ranbir tells Vikram he doesn’t want the Police to come, as the person who hired Nick must be rich and they will try to bribe the Police. He tells he wants to know the name of the mastermind who hired Nick.

Prachi tells him that’s the duty of the Police. Ranbir tells her the person who tried to kill her is inside the house and he can’t trust anyone. Vikram also backs Ranbir up and tells her they don’t know if Nick wanted to kill just her or others too. Ranbir ties Nick to a pillar. Pallavi goes to rest.

Vikram tells Ranbir to take care of Prachi and that he will keep an eye on Nick.

Aaliya tells Rhea they will give Vikram sleeping pills and then free Nick when Vikram’s unconscious.

Later, Ranbir hugs Prachi and then apologises for hugging her and walks away.

Aaliya mixes sleeping pills with water and gives it to Vikram. He falls asleep on the couch.

Ranbir notices Rhea freeing Nick and asks her why she is doing??

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