Ranbir tells he knew that she was behind all of this! Rhea tells him to think again before speaking as she could never hurt her own sister. Rhea tells him that she was just tightening the rope and even she’s worried for Prachi. Ranbir apologises for misunderstanding her.

Pallavi asks Ranbir to concentrate on Nick. He notices Vikram sleeping and asks them what happened? Someone says sleeping pills.

Ranbir asks Pallavi why’s Vikram sleeping on the couch? Pallavi tells he must’ve taken sleeping pills and Rhea gets scared thinking what if she accidentally overdosed him and he died because of her. Ranbir checks if Nick’s ropes are intact.

Prachi thinks about Ranbir and he enters her room. She asks him to go and he asks her how did she get to know it was him without turning back? She tells she can sense him anywhere. He tells he’s happy to hear that and tells her that he came to talk to her as his head is going crazy. She tells them they should get out of the room then. He agrees and holds her hand and takes her to the terrace. She recalls their happy moments on the terrace. He smokes and she asks him what happened? He tells he remembered their first time coming to the terrace and enjoying the rain. He gets emotional and she asks him to live the moment by closing his eyes.

Aaliya asks Rhea to not worry as they’ll do something. Rhea asks to get Nick out of the house as she’ll ask Pallavi to sleep and Ranbir and Prachi are together so they won’t disturb them. Then, they free Nick and pull him out.

Ranbir falls asleep on her shoulder and she gets happy. He then wakes up and apologizes for falling asleep and she says it’s fine. He tells he feels peaceful after a long time. She cries and he asks her not to cry after making him feel so good. He drops a pot down and Prachi notices Nick’s shoes. They both run down and see Nick tied to the pillar.

Rhea and Aaliya recall tying him back after seeing Ranbir down.

Ranbir and Prachi get surprised seeing Nick unconscious inside the house. They wonder whose shoes it was outside?

Rhea and Aaliya tells them that the shoe might be someone else’s. Prachi and Ranbir notice that Rhea has the rope.

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