Pallavi thinks of Ranbir and Prachi and cries. She wonders why does he love her so much, as Prachi will take everything away from her? Ranbir notices her crying and asks her what’s the problem? He tells her it’s better to scold him than tell him nothing. He tells her how crazy he is for Prachi and that he will love her even if she doesn’t love him. He tells Pallavi that he wanted to leave the house with Prachi but she told him that he shouldn’t leave his family behind like that.

Pallavi asks him if they decided something about their relationship? He tells her they haven’t decided anything yet. Pallavi tells him it’s good to know the truth.

Aaliya tells Rhea that they can hide Nick in the trunk and tell everyone that he ran away. Aaliya goes to turn off the main lights.

Vikram gains consciousness and sees Rhea beating Nick.

Pallavi tells Ranbir that he should stay with Rhea, as she loves him truly instead of staying with Prachi who doesn’t even like him. Prachi overhears everything.

Preethi calls Nick. Vikram notices a ring tone coming from the wardrobe. Rhea tells Vikram that Nick is moving and that he should handle that. She takes up the call instead.

Sahana catches Aaliya in the fuse room and tells her that she will expose her! Sahana locks her in the room and calls Prachi.

Aaliya calls Rhea and tells to proceed with the plan.

Nick gains consciousness. Rhea signals him not to speak and tries to divert Vikram’s attention. She tells him to leave with Sahana.

Vikram alerts Ranbir saying Nick is escaping.

Rhea frees Nick and tells him to point the knife at Sahana and assures him that he’ll get his money.

In the dark, Nick abducts Prachi instead of Sahana.

Rhea tells Ranbir that Nick pushed her and escaped. Everyone searches for Prachi. Sahana tells them

Aaliya pulled the fuse when Rhea tells them Aaliya was just trying to fix it.

Nick takes Prachi inside a taxi and binds her hands and legs and warns her not to get out of the car!

Rhea calls Nick and tells he abducted Prachi instead and tells him this will lead to more problems! Nick then tells her that he will kill Prachi like the original plan and solve all problems! Nick tells her to bring the money within an hour or else he will reveal everything to Ranbir!

Rhea opens the fuse room and tells Aaliya everything.

Sahana finds Prachi’s ring on the floor and realizes she was abducted.

Ranbir hears a car sound in the backyard and rushes towards it. He runs behind the car and yells Prachi’s name. Sahana tells them she will go search for Prachi. Vikram tells her she should wait for the police. She tells him there’s no time and leaves.

Aaliya walks in and thinks of a way to take the money bag in front of everyone. Rhea walks out and gets tensed seeing Sahana outside. Aaliya acts dizzy and asks Pallavi for water, she then starts coughing and asks Dadi for hot water.

Dadi leaves and Aaliya picks up the bag and throws it out of the window. Rhea stops Sahana from looking at the bag.  She tells Sahana that they should search for Prachi together. Sahana agrees as she feels she might find out where Prachi is if she went with Rhea.

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