Rhea asks Sahana to go get the car keys. Sahana leaves and Rhea takes the money bag and drives the car away. Sahana yells at her to stop and then thinks she should find Prachi herself!

Ranbir goes to Nick’s house and gets surprised to see Preeti’s photo with him. He calls Preeti and asks how does she know Nick? She tells him that she doesn’t know any person called Nick. He tells her that he knows that she’s lying because he saw a photo of them both together at his house and asks her if she knows where else he can be? Preeti tells him an address and he decides to go there.

Nick calls his friend Tony and asks him to get Prachi murdered! Tony asks one of his friends to murder Prachi. He asks why can’t Nick murder someone himself? Tony tells him that Nick has already been charged for attempted murder so he doesn’t want to take risks.

Aaliya calls Rhea and asks her if she found Nick? Rhea tells she is still on the way because she is stuck in the traffic and tells that Nick might try to take money from Ranbir and try to out them as well. Aaliya asks her not to think about all of this and tells even she’ll come to Nick’s location.

Nick ties Prachi to the chair and asks her to stop crying and she cries thinking about her baby. Nick and his friend think of calling Ranbir directly if Rhea doesn’t pick up the call. Later, Nick calls Ranbir and asks him to get money if he wants Prachi to be safe. Ranbir agrees to pay only if he tells who wanted him to kill Prachi. Nick agrees but Aaliya comes and slaps him for double-crossing her and asks him to kill Prachi!

Ranbir comes and fights with Nick’s friend and searches for Nick and Prachi. He beats the goon. He asks Prachi if she’s okay? He wants to know if she is hurt? She cries and hugs him. Ranbir consoles her. He tells that he has come, he will take her home, she should trust him even if her courage breaks. He takes her and tries to flee from there.

Nick changes his mind because of Rhea. Nick takes Ranbir at gun point. He asks Ranbir to understand where he is standing. Ranbir asks Nick why did he hurt Prachi?? Nick demands the money. Prachi asks Ranbir to give the money to Nick, she is scared and wants to go home. Ranbir tells that they will go home, but not on Nick’s conditions!

Prachi insists him to give the money to Nick. A goon catches her and points the knife at her stomach. He threatens to stab her stomach. Prachi cries and asks Ranbir to do as the goons are saying. She wants Ranbir to pay them and take her home. Ranbir decides to fight them. He loses his cool and bashes the goons, while Aaliya and Rhea secretly see the fight scene. Prachi worries that Ranbir may get hurt.

Rhea wants to hide somewhere else, so that she isn’t caught. Aaliya asks her to come with her. They find a safe place.

Nick drops the gun during the fight. Ranbir gets badly caught.

Prachi asks the goons to leave Ranbir. She feels nauseating and dizziness. Ranbir shouts to Prachi and asks her to pass the gun to him. Prachi runs away from there.

Vikram, Pallavi and Shahana try to enter the place and find out what’s happening. They hear Ranbir screaming. They rush inside knowing a big fight is happening.

Aaliya and Rhea leave from the other side. They hide seeing the family members. Pallavi falls down. Aaliya and Rhea make a leave.

Ranbir bravely fights the goons. Nick hinders Ranbir. Ranbir gets beaten up. Rhea sees this from afar and blames Prachi for the fight. She doesn’t save Ranbir.

Vikram, Pallavi and Shahana reach there. Vikram and Pallavi scold Ranbir for risking his life. They beat the goons to save their son.

Ranbir asks Vikram why did he get Pallavi and risk her life? He catches Nick and beats him red and blue.

Prachi comes back and sees Ranbir’s madness. Ranbir asks Nick why did he hurt Prachi despite his warnings?? Prachi asks Ranbir to spare Nick, she is okay, if anything happens to Nick, then Ranbir will get jailed.  Ranbir angrily breaks Nick’s hand to punish him for touching Prachi. Prachi stops Ranbir and tries to calm him down. She tells that she is okay, he should spare Nick. Ranbir tells that he has sworn to find the culprit! She asks him to end the matter. He tells that they didn’t find the real culprit till now. He drags Nick and asks him to reveal the name of his boss. He takes Nick at gun point. He demands the name of the person who hired him to kill Prachi!

Aaliya and Rhea get scared thinking Nick will take their name. Ranbir asks Nick to tell the name, else he will die!

Vikram asks Ranbir to stop the madness, the police will find out about the name. Pallavi asks Ranbir did he lose his mind?? Ranbir tells that he is really going mad, he wants to know who is trying to harm Prachi, who is the family member dragging the enmity to this level! He counts down and threatens to shoot Nick. Nick gets scared for his life and names Rhea.

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