The Kohlis are shocked to know of Rhea’s crime. Aaliya and Rhea get terrified. Nick tells that Rhea didn’t want Prachi to stay alive, she had hired him. Pallavi tells that he is lying!

Shahana tells that she had heard Aaliya and Rhea saying that they failed in killing Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi couldn’t believe it. Rhea panics and runs away.

Aaliya asks Rhea what is she doing? Rhea tries to save herself. She hurts herself and screams. Aaliya asks Rhea to get up. Rhea hits her head somewhere and spoils her hair. She madly slaps herself and then runs to Ranbir. Prachi tells that Rhea is her sister.

Rhea acts kidnapped by Nick to save herself. Vikram and Pallavi rush to save Rhea. They untie her from the chair and find her injured. Rhea hugs Pallavi and sheds tears. Aaliya sighs a relief seeing the things changing in their favour. Rhea acts scared and hugs Ranbir. She tells him that Nick kidnapped her and tied her up, as Nick was going to kill her. She thanks him for coming. Ranbir finds her too hurt. Rhea tells Ranbir that Nick has beaten her.

Ranbir gets confused. He wants to know the attacker’s truth. He consoles Rhea and falls in the trap of her fake tears.

Ranbir slaps Nick for the lies. He tells Nick that Rhea isn’t the person who hired him to kill Prachi. He asks Nick to tell the truth!

Shahana tells Ranbir that Rhea is lying, she had heard that Nick took her name, so she is acting and faking stories to save herself. Rhea asks her if she has injured herself just to clean her name? She asks Shahana to get sensitive and not call her a liar. Ranbir tells that they can’t judge Rhea. Shahana tells that Rhea knows Ranbir’s desperation, she is doing this to save herself.

Ranbir tells that the Police suspected all the family members. Shahana tell that she had heard the truth. Ranbir tells that Rhea can’t torture herself. He slaps Nick. He gives Nick a last chance to say the culprit’s name. Nick goes mad in tension and points at Prachi. He apologizes to Prachi. He tells her that he can’t lie further, he has to be alive. He tells Ranbir that Prachi has paid him to attack on her. He recalls Aaliya’s plans…


Aaliya had asked him to name Prachi as the boss. Nick asks them if Ranbir will believe the illogical thing, as Ranbir will ask him why Prachi would do this?

Ranbir really asks Nick if he’s mad?? Why would Prachi do this? Nick tells Ranbir that Prachi has done this to get his attention, she wanted Ranbir to become her protector, she feels alone without Ranbir. Nick gives instances that Prachi had saved him. Ranbir asks Nick why did he kidnap Prachi? Nick puts the blame of the entire plotting on Prachi. Ranbir tells that Prachi can never do this, it’s impossible. Prachi stands shocked by the accusation.

Nick lies to Ranbir saying Prachi made him attack and then kidnap her. He tells him that he met Prachi through Preethi. Prachi asks him to stop lying.

Rhea tells Prachi to just reveal the truth now instead of covering up everything.

Tony points a gun at Prachi and Ranbir notices that and runs to protect her but he gets shocked.

Dadi calls Vikram and finds out that Ranbir has been shot. Ranbir is rushed to the hospital.

Rhea blames Prachi for Ranbir’s condition. Sahana tells her even Prachi is concerned for Ranbir. Pallavi shouts at her. Pallavi takes Rhea to a general physician.

Prachi watches Ranbir’s operation through the glass door and cries.

Meanwhile, Nick gets inside their home through the window. Dadi feels like someone else is inside the house.

Prachi recalls her and Ranbir’s conversation about love. Now, she cries and thinks of how their love is complete.

Pallavi comes back and blames Prachi again for risking Ranbir’s life!

Pallavi tells that  Prachi came into Ranbir’s life and ruined everything for him.  She cries and tells her that a woman can remarry if her husband dies but a mother can never get her son back if he dies! She tells her Prachi can never understand the pain of a mother as she isn’t one and curses her that she should feel the same pain when Prachi’sa mother.
Sahana gets angry and tells her she shouldn’t curse another mother being a mother herself. Pallavi tells Sahana that Prachi can never be a mother!

Prachi scolds Sahana for telling Pallavi about her pregnancy and is thankful that she didn’t pay attention to Sahana’s words as she wants Ranbir to know about it first. Vikram overhears this.

Rhea, angered about Ranbir getting shot slaps Nick and he tells her that Tony shot Ranbir by mistake. He tells he has tried to kill Prachi twice and now just wants his money and Preethi back. Aaliya says she will give him both.

Rhea heads back to the hospital. Preethi asks what about her job if she wants her to go out of station? Aaliya says she will tell the family members that she got a long vacation and will call her when everything settles.

Vikram asks what happened when Sahana explains the situation. They talk about Pallavi and her possessiveness towards Ranbir and he asks Prachi to not feel bad over her bad behavior. Prachi tells she understands Pallavi’s concern and also says she is getting a stomach ache and wants to see a gynecologist.

Vikram consoles Pallavi when the Doctor informs that Ranbir is out of danger.

Prachi is asked to take care of her baby and be stress free in any way possible. She takes the Doctor’s number to speak to her about high-risk pregnancy.

Dadi, Vikram and Pallavi visit Ranbir and he acts as if he is in pain to fool them. He later laughs and asks them about Prachi. Pallavi says that he should be concerned over Rhea as she is more injured and not Prachi!

Rhea gets her first aid done. Rhea walks in with Aaliya. Ranbir asks her to look after herself as he wants to go home. He asks for a discharge and Rhea thanks him for saving her life.

Prachi collects her scanning report and the Receptionist informs her that Ranbir has gained consciousness. Prachi gets happy and thanks her for informing her. The Receptionist tells her that he’s out of danger. Prachi asks the receptionist not to tell anyone in her family that she’s pregnant as she wants to surprise the family. The Receptionist agrees.

The Doctor comes and asks Prachi why does she take stress even though there are risks in her pregnancy? Prachi assures the Doctor that she will take care of herself and make sure she will take rest.

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