Ranbir wakes up and asks about Prachi as he remembers her being there in the room before she came.

Rhea tells he must be dreaming as she was the one who applied the lep on him and not Prachi.

Ranbir gets up and goes to Prachi’s room and sees her sleeping and thinks he’s lucky to have her beside him.

Rhea gets angry thinking Ranbir only prioritises Prachi and calls Aaliya to the room to execute their plan!

Ranbir leaves from Prachi’s room.

Rhea and Aaliya talk about making Ranbir believe that Prachi kidnapped herself to harm him.

Ranbir comes and asks them not to conspire against Prachi and convince him that she is the mastermind. Rhea cries and thanks Ranbir for saving her and walks away.

Aaliya asks her why did she come out and she tells she wants to prove that Prachi was behind all of this.

The next day, Prachi decides to change her tablets since they make her feel drowsy. She goes out and bumps into Ranbir and asks him how’s he feeling? He tells her that he’s feeling better. Prachi asks him to wait for few minutes as she needs to finish some important work. Prachi enters Ranbir’s room and throws Rhea’s stuff out of the room. Aaliya and Rhea get shocked.

Pallavi and Vikram discuss about Nick and the Police.

Rhea yells and asks Prachi what is she doing?? Prachi tells Rhea that she isn’t Ranbir’s wife and closes the door and looks at Ranbir and smiles.

Prachi asks Ranbir how is he feeling now? He tells that he is okay. Rhea knocks the door. Prachi asks Rhea why is she disturbing them? She lectures Rhea. She tells Aaliya that she has taken this decision as a reaction to Rhea’s nonsense! Aaliya gets angry.

Ranbir asks Prachi what did Rhea say. Prachi asks him to take rest. She wants to talk to him. He tells that drama always happens in the house. He wants to know why did Prachi throw her luggage outside. She answers that it was in a wrong room.

Shahana is with Dadi. Dadi wants to know what’s happening. She wants to go out and see. Shahana takes Dadi.

Ranbir asks Prachi is she shifting to his room? Prachi asks can’t she come? He asks her will she take this room also from him? She tells that she won’t share the room with Rhea, but she can share the room with him. She wants to stay with him and take care of him. She asks him if he would have any objection? She excuses herself.

Prachi asks Rhea to not make noise, let Ranbir rest. Prachi tells that she is shifting into this room to make Ranbir recover. Prachi argues with Aaliya and Rhea. Rhea goes to call Pallavi.

Aaliya gives a last warning to Prachi, who doesn’t care. She asks Prachi isn’t she listening?? She asks Prachi to leave from the room!

Vikram tells that he didn’t go to the Office for two days and work got piled up. He wants to see the work until Ranbir recovers.

Rhea comes to them and informs that Prachi has thrown her belongings outside, and created a scene. Pallavi tells that Prachi will never change. Vikram thought he would sleep in peace, but doesn’t think it’s possible because of Prachi and Rhea’s clashes.

Ranbir feels sleepy because of the medicines. Prachi asks him to take rest. She is prepared to face Pallavi.

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