Vikram signs the discharge papers and the rest of them take Ranbir home.

Prachi and Sahana come to check the ward but they don’t see Ranbir. The warden boy tells them that Ranbir already got discharged.

At the house, Rhea asks Aaliya where’s Preeti and she tells her that she sent Preeti away for a few days until the matter gets settled.

Prachi and Sahana come home and ask Aaliya about where Ranbir is and they don’t respond to her. Prachi and Sahana walk away and Rhea tells Aaliya that they shouldn’t let Ranbir talk to Prachi as he might start searching for the attacker again. Aaliya agrees.

Prachi searches for Ranbir, but doesn’t even find him in his room. Pallavi comes and asks Prachi to stay away from Ranbir and let him rest!

Sahana asks Aaliya and Pallavi to not stress Prachi out and Pallavi asks her to leave if she’s feeling stressed!

Later, Prachi goes to see Ranbir who’s sleeping and cries and thanks him for saving his child and fulfilling his role as a father. She tells she loves him a lot but couldn’t tell him about the pregnancy earlier because so many things were happening.

Rhea comes and Prachi stops crying.

Sahana wonders why would Nick kidnap Rhea if he came to kidnap Prachi and thinks Rhea must for sure be behind all of this.

Prachi tells Rhea that she knows that she planned everything. Rhea asks her to come out and talk as they shouldn’t disturb Ranbir. They go out and Prachi tells Rhea that she doesn’t want to fight with her as she has promised Pallavi. Rhea tells that she doesn’t care what she thinks about her as she’s glad that Ranbir is safe even after saving her life and walks away.

Sahana comes and tells Prachi that Rhea didn’t reveal anything and tells she thinks Rhea must be planning something.

Pallavi comes and tells Prachi to go aside as she wants to check up on Ranbir. She goes to the room and assures Rhea that she will always support her and not let Prachi trouble her. Rhea gets happy and thanks her.

Prachi goes to make lep for Ranbir. Ranbir wakes up and asks about Prachi. Rhea tells Prachi is sleeping and he tells she needs to rest.

Pallavi tells that he’s shifted to this room so Rhea can take care of him.

Sahana tells that Rhea won’t let Prachi and Ranbir become close and Prachi says she will handle them.

Aaliya asks Rhea why she’s smiling and she replies that Prachi and Ranbir’s relationship is facing issues because of her.

Prachi comes and puts lep on Ranbir’s wounds and recalls her confession of love.

Rhea comes and yells at her and asks her what’s she doing?? Prachi tells she’s just aiding his wounds and asks her to also apply it on her wounds. Rhea asks her to take back the remedies with her! They both argue and Prachi tells that she thought she can behave like a sister with Rhea but she doesn’t deserve it and tells now she will show her rival side!

Prachi tells Rhea that their mother used to tell her that she needs love but Rhea doesn’t need it as all she needs is to be shown how not to mess with her! Rhea asks her to get out as the room and Ranbir both belong to her and shows her clothes kept in the wardrobe. Prachi leaves telling her that she’ll come back soon.

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