Rhea brings Pallavi there and asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi opens the door. Pallavi checks the wardrobe. She asks Rhea to get her stuff inside. Prachi opposes her. She asks them to leave, and let Ranbir sleep in peace. Pallavi orders Prachi to get out and let Rhea bring her stuff. Prachi tells that she is Ranbir’s wife, Rhea is wrong to put her belongings in someone else’s room. Prachi and Pallavi get into an argument. Prachi asks her to consider Ranbir’s health and not create such a situation that gives him more stress.
She know that Rhea will never understand the sensitivity of the situation, Ranbir feels uncomfortable when Rhea is around. She asks them not to impose their rules on Ranbir.

Rhea asks Prachi not to say a word more! Pallavi tells that she asked Prachi to stay quiet for a few days, until Ranbir recovers, she didn’t want any drama, but Prachi couldn’t stay silent for a single day. Prachi tells that she had shut door for Ranbir’s peace, but everyone has come like they have to talk to him today itself. She asks Pallavi to care for her son Ranbir.

Pallavi tells that she is just Rhea’s in-law, not Prachi’s. Prachi replies that Pallavi can never reach the right destination by boarding a wrong vehicle, its totally wrong to support Rhea. She tells that she will not leave her husband alone. She requests Pallavi not to fight with her till Ranbir gets okay. She doesn’t want any reason that Ranbir gets stressed.

Rhea accuses Prachi for getting herself attacked. She tells that Prachi has ordered Nick to shoot her! Prachi slaps her in anger.

Aaliya shouts at Prachi for slapping Rhea. Prachi asks Aaliya to stop supporting Rhea. She tells that Rhea has Aaliya’s bad values and upbringing.

Rhea asks Prachi why did she try to kill her own sister when she got good values?? Prachi asks why would she try to kill Rhea or get herself attacked? Pallavi and Rhea tell that Nick has exposed Prachi’s truth.

Prachi asks Ranbir to tell her, if she can victimize herself to get his attention? Ranbir trusts her.

Rhea asks Prachi how could she think of murdering her sister?? She tells that Prachi should stop acting shocked. She cries that she didn’t get mum’s love in the childhood. She tells that she didn’t even get Prachi’s love.

Pallavi tells Dadi that Ranbir had saved Rhea and got shot. Shahana tells that Prachi was the target. Prachi tells them that she will not give any explanation.

Rhea tells that Nick has taken her name in front of them. Prachi tells that Ranbir will always be of hers. Rhea asks her to stop it!

Ranbir sits calm, but feels irritated by their argument. Rhea tells that she has gotten married to Ranbir. She rebukes Prachi. She asks Ranbir to tell them that he trusts her, they got married, but Prachi came back to ruin their marriage! She blames Prachi for ruining their peace and happiness. She tells that Ranbir and she got close one night, but the next morning, he got away from her. She was happy that there will be a new start, but she was so dumb, he isn’t comfortable to stay with her. She asks him not to let Prachi humiliate her. She doesn’t want to tolerate anything. She pleads with him and asks him to stay with her. She knows Prachi was his past and she/Rhea is his wife. She asks why is Prachi coming between them all the time, it’s just because Prachi wants to kill her!

Ranbir tells that the bullet wasn’t shot at Rhea, but at…

Prachi asks Ranbir to tell them the truth. He feels sleepy.

Rhea tells that Ranbir

was worried for her, he loves her.

Prachi asks Ranbir if Rhea is saying the truth? She tells that she didn’t wish to kill Prachi, but Ranbir and Rhea are really together, he wasn’t drunk in the warehouse when he was caressing Rhea, he was concerned for her. He asks her if she wasn’t concerned for Rhea. Rhea tells that she is Prachi’s sister. Rhea asks Ranbir to tell them that he loves her.

Prachi feels his silence has humiliated her love. Rhea and Aaliya give a wicked smile.

Pallavi gets angry and tells Rhea to get her things and keep them back into Ranbir’s room. Rhea smiles and gets her stuff but Prachi leaves angrily.

Ranbir goes behind her but Vikram asks him to go and talk to her later as he should rest before that.

Prachi cries in her room and gets restless by throwing things in her room. Sahana comes and consoles her. Prachi cries and tells Ranbir didn’t even speak up and tell Rhea that she isn’t his wife and neither did he stop her from shifting to his room. Sahana defends him and tells him he has told Rhea isn’t his wife so many times. She tells that he told it to the NGO women who came on the party day. Prachi tells he must’ve just said that to save his family’s reputation.

Rhea overhears their conversation and gets happy thinking the differences in their relationship are starting. She enters the room and tells Prachi that she is Ranbir’s wife legally and tells that even his feelings have changed as he risked his life to save her. She tells that Ranbir used to love Prachi but not anymore as he searched for Nick to save her and tells that she’s talking as a dutiful wife as she’s thankful that he saved her life or else she wouldn’t be standing here. She tells she didn’t even force him to marry her but instead, married her willingly.

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