Prachi recalls Ranbir and Rhea’s marriage. Rhea takes a marker and marks the next seven days on the calendar and says that within these days, she will start a new life with Ranbir.

Sahana asks her to get out and Prachi tells that Rhea isn’t lying as even Ranbir is supporting her that’s why she easily shifted back.

Pallavi comes and warns Prachi to never do such a thing!

Rhea comes dancing into Aaliya’s room and tells her that she loves her a lot. Aaliya tells her that she’s aware of that and asks her what happened that she’s so happy? Rhea tells her that she makes her happy even if something goes wrong in her life. She tells she had thought that she’ll lose Ranbir and even Nick will expose her. Aaliya tells her it’s okay as everything became fine. Rhea tells that she’s extremely happy as all of their plans kept failing and finally they have succeeded as Ranbir and her are in the same room. She tells her she had forgotten what winning and happiness feel like.

Prachi cries to Sahana and tells her that she shouldn’t have trusted Ranbir and tells her that Ranbir tells her that he loves her but he doesn’t even prove it. She tells she has lost all the trust in him and he should earn it now.

Rhea goes to the room and Ranbir tells her that he doesn’t want to share the bed with her. He tells her that either he will go to Prachi’s room or she should sleep in the couch as he can’t sleep in the study room. Rhea agrees to sleep on the couch.

Rhea goes to Aaliya and tells her about what Ranbir told her. Aaliya tells that they should plan an attack on Rhea and convince the entire family that Prachi planned it because she was jealous of her then everyone will pity Rhea and hate Prachi! She tells that even Ranbir will start caring for her. Rhea gets happy and tells that after this plan, she and Ranbir can sleep in the same room. Aaliya tells that they should only plan the attack and not involve anyone else.

Pallavi asks Ranbir why he has to work? He tells her he’s just reading files. He tells Vikram if he doesn’t work then he will have to focus on his life. He asks them to let him be busy. Aaliya tells them until Prachi is there, stress is bound to exist.

Rhea tells Prachi to not go behind Ranbir and stick to her promise. Prachi tells her they are in the same house, so it’s not her fault. Rhea tells her that her life is going to be ruined!

Prachi feels dizzy, so she goes to her room and calls the Doctor. Ranbir hears her and asks her if she has something to tell him? She tells him to go to Rhea and ask her about her problems. He tells her that Rhea did take care of him while she slept. Prachi tells him that he will justify that he loves her but his words and actions speak differently. He tells her that she’ll never understand his love. He tells her he’ll go away from her. She tells him to go to Rhea! They walk in separate ways.

Aaliya tells Rhea that she made the plan and tells her how she’ll have to fall and make it look like Prachi attacked her. Aaliya asks her to wear knee pads and that she will keep a mattress. She tells they’ll make people believe that Prachi wants to kill her.

The Doctor tells Prachi that her baby is fine but the pregnancy is complicated.

Aaliya keeps the mattress. Rhea falls down on the mattress and rolls over to the floor. Everyone rushes to her. Aaliya hugs her and shouts Prachi’s name??? Ranbir looks shocked.

Rhea tells everyone that her hand is broken and that she feels dizzy. Ranbir tells her the Doctor is on the way. Aaliya starts shouting Prachi’s name. She tells them that Prachi wants to kill Rhea that’s why she pushed her! Rhea asks Aaliya to call the Police. She tells them that everyone is giving Prachi a chance to kill her by not taking any action against her.

Pallavi tells them that she has called the Police. Ranbir asked her why she did it? Pallavi tells him that Aaliya is right and even Nick had told them Prachi hired him to kill Rhea and kidnap herself.

Sahana tells them that Prachi treats Rhea like a sister and would never do it.

Pallavi tells Rhea that everyone loves her as she’s Ranbir’s wife. Ranbir tells her not to bring his marital state into this matter!

The Inspector comes and Pallavi tells him that her daughter-in-law was attacked. Rhea says she got attacked 2 days back and the person took Prachi’s name and now she got attacked again.

Prachi comes there and asks what’s going on and looks confused. Sahana tells her to go rest.

Rhea tells her that the Police came as she tried to kill her. The Inspector sees the toolbox and tells them that someone did indeed unscrew the bolts. Ranbir tells him that no one would have done it deliberately. The Inspector asks Prachi where her room is?

Pallavi tells Vikram that she won’t keep rest until Prachi is exposed!

The Inspector tells them if Prachi is guilty then they will get proof in her room. The Inspector finds a toolbox in her room and asks what it’s doing in her room? Rhea then thinks that everyone will suspect Prachi. Rhea tells the Inspector that Prachi wanted to kill her through Nick and now she wants to kill her again so she wants to file a case.

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