Ranbir meets up with a detective in the night and hands him money. Prachi looks at them. Ranbir tells her to come out as he knows she’s hiding. He tells her that it’s a private detective he hired to look into the incident that happened. Prachi tells him she doesn’t need his help! Rhea smiles hearing them fight.

Pallavi comes there and asks them what’s happening? Rhea tells Pallavi not to bother as Ranbir only cares about Prachi. Prachi holds her wedding necklace and tells him she will stay there till it remains. Pallavi tells her the wedding necklace shouldn’t be with her. Rhea pretends to be dizzy. Ranbir makes her sit.

Prachi tells Rhea that she has become a good actor. Pallavi tells Prachi that she will slap her! Ranbir tells her that he will lose respect for her.

Vikram gives Ranbir a suitcase and tells him to take his important papers and go away with Prachi. Ranbir tells him that he tried to persuade Prachi but she didn’t want to separate him from his family. He tells him once everything is sorted, he will take Prachi away.

Sahana tells Prachi that Ranbir really wants to help her and tells her that he will get even more close to Rhea if Prachi moves further away.

The Private Investigator tells Ranbir that he will get the CCTV footage and they will know everything by 2 pm tomorrow.

Rhea tells Ranbir that she’s sorry Prachi and him are having fights because of her. She tells him there won’t be fights if there is no love. Ranbir asks her about Sid? Rhea tells him there’s nothing left between her and Sid.

Vikram tells Pallavi to stop trying to control their children’s lives.

Sahana takes the tea tray and goes to Dadi’s room. Dadi asks Ranbir to sit. Prachi gets up to leave. Dadi tells them she knows that they had a fight in front of Pallavi and Rhea. She tells them she’s very hurt and now they won’t even have tea with her. She tells them to try to understand her. Prachi tries to leave but Ranbir holds her hand and tells her to have tea.

Rhea looks at them and gets angry thinking about Ranbir holding Prachi’s hand. Rhea goes to Pallavi and Aaliya and tells them she wants Prachi arrested and she’ll write a letter to the Commissioner that her life is in danger and no one cares! Aaliya asks her to calm down.

Rhea tells them if it doesn’t work then she’ll write a suicide letter and then the blame will be on everyone! Rhea tells Pallavi that Ranbir is planning to patch up with Prachi. Pallavi says that can’t happen and calls the Police.

Dadi tells Sahana that their ego isn’t letting them compromise.

Aaliya comes there and says the Police have arrived. Vikram tells the Inspector that Prachi isn’t a criminal. He tells Vikram that she can hire an Investigator to prove her innocence. The Inspector tells him that she’ll be in the station until there is proof or when Rhea doesn’t want to file the case

The Police proceed to arrest Prachi, but Ranbeer stops them. He then presents the findings of his Private Detective – CCTV footage, where Aaliya is seen holding the toolbox. Rhea protests, but the Police state that the evidence incriminates Aaliya instead and Rhea keeps quiet.

Rhea pretends to attempt to jump from the balcony and Aaliya spots her. She lashes out at her and chides her for even thinking of dying by suicide! Rhea assures her that she had no intention to and that she is happy.

Aaliya confronts Prachi and warns her, but Prachi worries solemnly that Aaliya must be feeling troubled about something.

The next morning, Prachi visits Rhea’s room for some errand, and Rhea spots her. Later, she notices that her wedding necklace is missing. She assumes that Prachi stole it and confronts Prachi about it. Prachi berates her and tells her the essence of a wedding necklace. She then denies Rhea’s allegations.

Everyone gathers and Rhea tells them about her missing wedding necklace. In a rage, Rhea tries to snatch Prachi’s wedding necklace and Prachi rebukes her.

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