Prachi tells Pallavi that Rhea does not deserve the status of her daughter-in-law. Pallavi tells her that if it is discovered that Rhea made wrong allegations against her, she will apologise to Prachi.

Prachi begins to look for it in Rhea’s room, where Ranbeer confronts her. He asks her if she really meant the words that she said to Rhea about the importance of ‘Wedding Necklace’ and that Prachi’s Wedding Necklace holds her and Ranbeer together. Prachi sternly tells him that they were true, but chides him nonetheless. Ranbeer then spots Rhea’s Wedding Necklace by the wardrobe and tells Prachi about it.

Rhea resolves to make Prachi confess that she stole it, and make her apologise for it as well, with the reasoning that she might just bring the Wedding Necklace from where she kept it hidden.

Prachi brings it to them but Aaliya and Pallavi refuse to believe that she had not stolen it in the first place. Prachi then asks Ranbeer to corroborate her claims, and he slyly asks her to request him. She reluctantly does, and Ranbeer obliges.

Prachi asks Rhea to apologise and respect Pallavi’s words at least. Rhea tells that she won’t ever apologise to her! Pallavi asks her to apologise to Prachi as it’s her order! Rhea apologises and walks away angrily. Ranbir and Prachi look at each other and then walk away in different directions.

Aaliya goes to Rhea’s room and consoles her. She asks her to stay strong. Rhea yells that she can’t keep losing to Prachi! Aaliya tells that Prachi’s talk about her Wedding Necklace sounded a lot like Pragya’s, so she will make sure to destroy every symbolic thing of her marriage and then end her relationship with Ranbir too! Rhea asks her if she’ll just talk about doing something or will she actually do something? Aaliya tells that she’ll do something for sure.

Prachi boils milk and Sahana comes and asks her what’s she thinking? Prachi tells nothing. Sahana asks her if whatever she said about the wedding necklace meant something to her? Prachi denies and tells her relationship means nothing. Sahana tells that she knows the truth and should tell Ranbir the same too.

Ranbir tells Pallavi that he’s going to Bengaluru as he needs to attend a conference and he could also get some peace. He leaves.

Prachi feels like something is not right.

Aaliya sends Prachi’s photo to someone.

Later, Vikram argues with Pallavi saying Ranbir left the house. Prachi sees them fighting and leaves the temple crying.

Aaliya calls someone and asks him to follow Prachi.

Ranbir thinks about Prachi’s words. Prachi feels restless and calls Ranbir and asks him why did he leave without telling her? He asks her where’s she? She tells him that she’s going to the temple. He asks her not to worry as he knows the importance of a Wedding Necklace. She smiles and cuts the call.

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