Prachi prays to the goddess in the hospital’s temple and begs her to save Ranbir’s life. She tells that Ranbir is suffering because of her and she wishes him to be well. She expresses that Ranbir is her life and happiness.

Sahana watches Prachi crying and hugs her. Sahana tells her that she shouldn’t be mourning as Ranbir is with Rhea. Prachi slaps her for her remarks on Ranbir.

Pallavi tells that Ranbir left her because of Prachi and moved away from the family. Every time, Ranbir only moves away because of Prachi!

The Doctor informs everyone that the operation is still going on.

Prachi lashes out at Sahana for talking about Ranbir. She tells her that Ranbir should always remain her husband first. She further adds that Ranbir is her life and the only thing she has ever prayed for. Sahana asks Prachi to confess her feelings but the latter denies it. Prachi mourns that Ranbir risked his life for her Wedding Necklace. Sahana asks Prachi to reveal her pregnancy to Ranbir. Prachi is hesitant but Sahana encourages her. Prachi runs to tell him the truth.

Aaliya has a word with the goons. She tells them that Ranbir is in this condition because of them.

Meanwhile, Pallavi comes and Aaliya cooks up a story that these people are old drivers.

Aaliya asks the goons to leave the city.

Prachi observes Ranbir from the hospital’s window and apologizes to Ranbir. She reminisces all the happy moments spent with him and cries. She asks the Doctor the minute he came out of the OT if she can talk to Ranbir? The Doctor refuses and tells Prachi that the next six hours are critical. If Ranbir doesn’t gain consciousness before that, then he might die. Prachi gets shocked hearing this and runs from there.

Rhea comes to Aaliya in the hospital. Aaliya tells Rhea that whosoever stabbed Ranbir, attacked him because he was trying to save Prachi’s Wedding Necklace. Aaliya manipulates Rhea against Prachi and says she should handle everything, and she’ll tell her exactly how to say it on their way home.

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