Prachi cries for Ranbir in front of Sahana. Prachi tells Sahana that Ranbir needs to come to his senses as she wishes to tell him about their child.

Rhea tells Pallavi about the whole stabbing incident. She tells Pallavi that Prachi convinced Ranbir that her Wedding Necklace is more precious than his life. Pallavi gets raged knowing Prachi is behind everything. Rhea and Aaliya smile.

Prachi cries and asks Ranbir to wake up. Pallavi comes into the room and asks Prachi to utter the truth. Prachi asks her what is wrong? Pallavi blames Prachi for her Son’s condition. Rhea blames Prachi for calling the goons over there! Prachi asks her to shut up and that she was fighting the goons alone. Sahana backs Prachi up.

Pallavi feels dizzy and Prachi asks if she took her medicine? Pallavi asks her to leave as her BP increases seeing Prachi! The Doctor asks Pallavi to rest.

Prachi visits Ranbir and apologizes for his condition. She places Ranbir’s hand on her stomach. Suddenly, Ranbir’s condition gets critical. Prachi calls the Doctor. The Nurse asks her to leave. While moving out, Prachi is about to fall and her gynaecologist holds her. She asks Prachi to take care of herself. The gynaecologist asks Sahana to take care of her sister. The Doctor warns Prachi to go home or she’ll reveal everything to Pallavi.

Pallavi tells that she’s not interested in Prachi’s life as she doesn’t even think she’s ill! Pallavi asks Prachi to take Dadi along with her and leave.

The Doctor tells Prachi that she should take care of her baby as it’s her responsibility and reminds her that she’s her responsibility as well which is why she didn’t feel bad blackmailing her. She assures her that Ranbir will be fine as everyone from the family are here and asks her to go and rest. She tells Sahana to take Prachi home.

Prachi comes home and looks at Ranbir’s photo and tells that she will apologize to him for hundred times and confess her love a thousand times but tells that she wants him back home soon. She opens their wedding album and cries reminiscing their moments. She recalls her and Ranbir’s talk of planning their children’s lives.

Dadi and Sahana sit and talk together.

Prachi calls Vikram and asks him how’s Ranbir? Vikram asks her to stop crying first. The Nurse comes and informs him that Ranbir gained consciousness. He informs her that Ranbir’s awake and cuts the call.

The Nurse tells him that Ranbir wants to meet Prachi first. He tried calling her, but she doesn’t pick up as she was in the washroom.

Pallavi tells Rhea to go home and bring Prachi and gets angry. Rhea goes home recalling Ranbir’s words.

Prachi tells Sahana that Ranbir deserves to know the truth and stay happy.

On the other hand, Ranbir looks at Prachi’s Wedding Necklace and tells he loves her a lot and will return home with her only.

Prachi tells Sahana that she will run away with him if needed and start her own family soon.

Rhea comes and overhears them and drops the bottle. They turn back and look at her.

Rhea tells Prachi that Ranbir wants to meet her. Prachi gets emotional.

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